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Does a 10000 Peso bill exist?

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Yes, they do.

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What is the value of a Mexican 10000 peso bill from may 1991?

The value of 10000 pesos is approximately $100.00 because presently the peso is 10.37 pesos to 1.00 US. the date of the bill is irrelevant.

Does the 5000 peso bill still exist in Mexico?


What is the value of 10000 rials in peso?

34.1018329939 Philippine Peso

How would you sell old 10000 peso?

10000 pesos 10000 pesos

How much is 10000 Mexican peso?

10000 pesos is about 731$

Whose face is on the Philippine five peso bill?

Emilio Aguinaldo on the coin bill, the paper bill doesn't exist nowadays.

How much is the 1 percent in 1 million peso?

10000 pesos

How much Peru 10000 money in Philippine peso?

its about PhP 157,545.84 (Philippine Peso).

What is the value of old bill two peso and five peso bill?

14 cents

Can you exchange your old two peso and five peso bill?


Whose face is on the Mexican 20 peso bill?

Benito Juarezis is on the Mexican 20 peso bill

How many 10000 yen nippon ginko in Philippine peso?


How much is 10000 lire diecimila in peso?

1 million 999,765.00 to be exact

How much is 10000 peso bill with Cardenas worth Probably from 1970 can it still be used today?

These bills are retired, try taking them to an exchange bank to convert it to a modern denomination.

How much 10000 U.S. dollars would be in Philippine peso?

Us$1 = php 42.02us$10000 = php420200

What is the Value of a 1970 Mexican peso?

what is the value of 1970 0ne mexican peso bill

What is the difference of old 20 peso bill to the new 20 peso bill?

20 pesos older....and the new is a newer one...

I have a El Banco De Mexico U0982319 bill for 10000 peso's what is it worth?

Well, a Peso there is a dollar to them. So you have 1,000 dollars to spend in Mexico.But if you spend it here- it's about 25 cents.

When was the Philippine 1 peso bill changed into a coin?

whose face was on the Philippine one peso bill? what national monument or event was on the back of the Philippine one peso bill? when was the Philippine one peso bill in circulation or in use? The Blue One Peso Bill with Jose Rizal's face on it was released in 1969 (The series was released in 1969 so I assume that it was released alongside the others). The first Jose Rizal 1-peso coin was released in 1972. BTW, there was also a one-peso bill and coin released during the American occupation with the peso having equivalent value as the US dollar. I'm not sure of this, i just put together some bits and pieces of things that I came across the web. Cheers!

What president was on 10000 bill?

Salmon P. Chase, Secretary of Treasury, under Lincoln was on the $10000 bill. The $10000 bill is no longer being printed and was never in general circulation.

What is the value of a 1978 un peso?

Many different Spanish speaking countries use or have used coins and paper money denominated as the "peso," which is the Spanish word for "pound." A coin or bill marked as "un peso" is a one peso coin or bill. The value of one peso depends on which country's currency is being assessed.

Do a 100000 pesos bill exist?

A 100000 pesos bill does not exist, however they do predict that that will start becoming in existence in only a couple of years. There was a 50,000 peso bill in the 1970's when the exchange rate with USD soared over 3000 to one. If as stated above should a 100,000 peso bill be printed by Mexico any time soon, with the current exchange rate, it would be worth about 7,700 US dollars. A poor country like Mexico does not need such a high denomination. I know, I come from there.

What are the different parts a Philippine peso bill?

Parts of the paper peso bill: text portrait signatories treasury seal series denomination serial number

What is the difference between an old 20 peso bill to the new 20 peso bill?

The old ones were made of paper, and the new ones are maid of plastic...

Weight of a Philippine peso paper bill?