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More then likely yes. This sounds like you are an elementary student. This is a time when young people start to notice the opposite sex, but are shy, lack wisdom and understanding and are unsure of their feelings. She probably does like you, but she did give you a warning "stay away." I would listen to that warning and when you see her just smile at her until she gets more comfortable with you. When and if she does then you can become friends and perhaps even go out to a movie together. Generations of kids never change. When I was in Grade 8 there was a red-headed boy who would poke fun at me all the time and even give me an old "happy slap" on the back every so often and I ended up punching him square in the nose! LOL I didn't realize, because I was so young, that he liked me and I sure did hurt his feelings.

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How can you tell if he's flirting with his eyes?

You can tell if he's flirting with his eyes by looking you up and down.Or,always staring at you. omg..theres this fabulous guy that i like...and he was totally flirting with me cause he kept on lookin up and staring at me...while writing...than he was really sweet..but yeh..eyes are a language themselves..if ur heart says theres a connection then there probably is..

Why do boys always mess with girls?

because that boy is flirting with you

How do know if a guy is flirting with you?

You know a guy is flirting with you when he always is messing around with you and when he is always asking for hugs. Or if he looks at you and smiles. You will be able to tell if he is flirting with you.

What does it means if a boy keeps on staring and smiling at you when you always ignore him You want to know whether he likes you or is just flirting or passing the time?

he wants you. he wants a bit of va-j-j

What does it mean when your friends tell you your crush is always staring at you?

It means your friends have noticed your crush is always staring at you.

Why would a snake always beat you in a staring contest?

Because it has no eyelids - and therefore cannot blink !

Why d your girlfriend always act likes she flirting?

She might not be flirting.. She could just be a very social person that comes out as flirting.

Is a boy always have flirting nature?

no not really .

How do you spot a flirt?

If they're always flirting.

Why do guys always look at me but never talk?

They are not talking to you but staring at you because they are probably the shy ones or the shy boys that like you, antisocial, or they just think you are weird but really if this is the answer of weirdness they are weird by staring not you.

What to do if a guy is always staring at you in class?

Stare at him lol!

This girl keep staring at me always after a called her beautiful infront of her sister?

If a girl keeps staring at you simply because you called her 'beautiful' before her sister, she has just began interpreting your words, and she is a little confused, too.

How can you find out if your boyfriend is trustworthy if you both love each other but he is always flirting with other girls?

If you really do love each other that much then he is just talking to the other girls for fun. If you take away the fact about the flirting part, you trust him right? If you trust him and he trusts you, then even with his flirting his heart has always belonged to you. I understand that you're jealous and probably frustrated and confused but you can always ask him why he is flirting.

What does it mean when a guy is always staring at you and smiling but has a girlfriend?

He likes you

How do you flirt with someone of the same sex?

If you are flirting with them, it's nothing special. It's just flirting. Flirt like you would always do.

What does it mean when a guy strokes your hand then you look up and see him staring at you then you look away and he is still staring at you?

He loves you & always will no matter what

What are fagets?

Fagets are what you call boys that always are flirting with other boys or is always being nasty to them

What does womenizer mean?

It Means, A Man, Is Always After A Women, always flirting, with other women when he is married. =}

If a guy is always sitting the way you so and always staring at you do he like you?

It is most likely that he likes you

Does curley's wife have any feelings for anyone on the ranch?

yesss ,, she have a great amount of feelings for George because she is always lerking and flirting around him

How can a girl know for sure that a guy likes her when he is always flirting with her but says he doesn't like her?

If he is always flirting with you, but says that he does not like you, then he probably only wants one thing. And you know what that is. Forget him and move on.

Does flirting always work?

yes it sometimes always do works but only with certain type of people makes sure that u and ur boyfriend or person that u are flirting with have something in common be yourself!

What does it mean when you don't know a guy but he always smiles at you?

that guy is flirting with you

How do you tell if your girlfriend wants you to kiss her?

She's always staring at your mouth.

My friends say I am flirting with this guy how do you know if I am?

Hiee. Well what do you do around him. Do you get the butterflies around him? Are you always laughing at what he says? Sometimes people change when they talk to a boy or girl they like. Its just a crush. But you cant help flirting you just do it. Trust me if your always laughing and agreeing to his comments, jokes, etc. Then in a small way your flirting. But if your always around him hugging him touching him your defiantly flirting! Hope this helps and Good Luck! {AlexPineappleTalks}