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The agreement between 2 parents is custody to mother but weekends for father if the mother dies who would get custody?

the father gets the custody of the child if the mother dies

Sentence with word visitation?

During the divorce proceedings, the wife got custody of the children but the husband still has visitation rights on weekends.

If a father has custody on weekends only and takes his four year old and seven year old into a dance club bar restaurant can he be violating the custody orders and does that make him and unfit father?

Only if specified in the order.

Can i move out of state without custody?

Yes because when you can move out with or without custody.

My girlfriend has sole custody of her son and his dad gets him every other weekend but she wants to swap weekends Can she still do that even though he is not willing to compromise with her?

only with court approval

You signed joint custody papers with your ex and they say there is no child support but he doesnt get her for equal time as you He gets her on weekends Is there any way you can still get child support?

You may be able to petition the court to modify your custody order which includes a request for child support going forward.

You have custody of your son your ex is trying to take away your custody because you live with your fiance is it illegal in the State of Arkansas to live with someone and retain custody?

not if you are the biological parent

How do you get custody of your child back that you gave up legal custody to because you were underage but now have physical custody of?

If you gave up custody, you would need to file a petition with the court to modify custody. However, you must show that a change in custody would be in the best interest of the child as well as other factors.

I am 17 a high school graduate and attending college. I'm having my baby and my parents want to take custody. Can they legally do that if I can support myself and have no criminal records etc?

I doubt they can TAKE custody. You might want to consider sharing custody until you are out of college and on your feet. Don't worry about your parents. They got you this far, didn't they?

Can a father get custody back if he gave up on custody previously?

No Because when you give up custody you cant get it back Trust me my moms a lawyer and she gone through a custody battle before So i know what im talkin about

If you have physical custody do you have to pay child support?

No... because if you are paying child support it would be going to the person with physical custody.

What is freeman order in family law?

The Axel Freeman order is a custody and visitation schedule and is used when a child is young and the non custodial parent is busy with work and not involved in the day to day care. An example would be alternating custody on weekends and one night a week with the non custodial parent.

If a mother with a child enters rehab to fix her problems can the father get full custody where they already have joint custody?

It really depends. I think that the mother and father should have full custody. I say this because the mother is doing this to get better, for the benefit of her kids. Some might argue that she should not have custody because why would she had to go to rehab in the first place. It really depends. I think that the mother and father should have full custody. I say this because the mother is doing this to get better, for the benefit of her kids. Some might argue that she should not have custody because why would she had to go to rehab in the first place.

If an Aunt has phys and legal custody of a niece can she transfer custody to another Aunt without involving the 7 year absent mother?

Yes because the mother had no custody over the child

What is Joint legal Custody and partial Physical Custody?

Joint legal custody indicates that both parents have the right to make joint decisions on the raising of a child (education, health care, etc.). If there are conflicts in such decisions then it is only applicable if such disagreements are reasonable in the eyes of the court. If they are deemed "unreasonable" then the parent with primary physical custody or the court makes such determinations. Partial physical custody, indicates that the child spends a portion of his or her time (specified or otherwise) with the parent (weekends, holidays, summer vacation, etc.) but resides the majority of time with the primary custodial parent.

If you have primary custidy of your child and the mother gets her on weekends who gets the child for holidays?

There is no automatic answer. I presume you are concerned about when holidays fall on weekends, and your ex is concerned that she only gets holidays when they do fall on weekends (so, never Thanksgiving).i suggest that you find and read the document that gave you primary custody, such as a court order, divorce decree or custody agreement. If the document does not clarify holiday rights, the two of you should agree informally, perhaps a year at a time. If you cannot agree, hire a divorce mediator. If you still can't agree, hire attorneys and go back to court.It is, obviously, cheaper and less disruptive to the family relationships if you can agree.

Can custody of a child be stated in a will?

If you live in the US... Children are not property and therefore cannot be 'willed'. You can state in your will who you would like to receive custody, but the court is not required to abide by it. For example, if Mom has custody of a child, she dies and her will states that she wants her sister to receive custody, but Dad wants custody...Dad gets custody, unless he can be proved unfit, because Dad has first legal right to custody (Mom's wishes don't change that).

Why doesn't debbie rowe have custody?

Because she felt the children was his and not hers.

Can a mother lose custody of her child because she has had the child around her boyfriend?


Does the father still pay child support if the mother voluntarily gives custody to someone else?

No, if the mother voluntarily gives cutody to someone else, she can no longer be paid child support because she no longer has custody of the child. What happens now is the father can obtain custody because he does have rights or the person who has custody and have legal guardianship can file for assistance in which child support can be included or filed.

Does a master of Chancery do child custody?

they must because on November 24,2009 i am going in front of a masters of chancery for a pre-trial conference for child custody and placement. i already have temporary sole legal custody and primary placement.

I have legal custody of my cousin what is differnce between full custody and guardianship because board of social services is challenging my authority ?

Both full custody parents/guardians have say over the child. However, just because you are someones guardian does not mean that you have full custody of that child all of the time. It simply means you have say so in the childs life. This is how it was when my grandmother had full custody of me, however, my uncles were my guardians. I do not belive this particular law varies from place to place.

Can you lose custody because you have an STD?

NO you can not lose custody of you child/ children because you have an STD. For one, nobody needs to know this information except you and you partner. There is no other way anyone else could find out unless you told them (hippa law), and if you do have an STD that does not mean that you are not a great parent. There are no laws about STD and custody.

Is your ex wife allowed to move your son out of the country without your permission if she has sole custody?

Yes, because she has SOLE custody, so you have nothing on the kid legally.

Can a parent file for full custody because of difference of opinion?

The parent can petition for custody or can take the matter before a judge who will hear testimony and the issue a ruling.

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