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Does a 1990 Chevy Lumina V6 31 get green or orange antifreeze?

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No it will not but don't mix it with the orange.

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it is not reccomended to mix orange coolant with green. it will harm cooling system. only use dex-cool or the correct brand. call dealership to see if universal coolant is ok!!

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You must drain and flush the orange before going green, and there is a chance you may not get it all. Orange plus green = sludge. It's better for the first time to drain the orange, flush the best you can, and use the universal "works with all" antifreeze. Then you can go green with any subsequent changes. You absolutely should NOT change from the orange Dexcool to green antifreeze. The green will deteriorate certain components and gaskets used in the engines that use the Dexcool antifreeze. Yes, the orange is much more expensive, but it does not require flushing and replacing very often. I would never put the green in a car that requires the orange.

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