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Does a 1991 Mercury Topaz have disk or shoe brakes on the rear?


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2007-08-16 01:40:32
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A 1991 mercury topaz has drum brakes on the rear wheels.


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Disk brakes by design do not have adjustments - the pads 'float' with the caliper and the piston movement.

Disc brakes may have been an option but it would normally come stock with drum brakes.

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Yes, it has front disk brakes and drums at back.

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Disk brakes should appear as shiny plates with the calipers on top and in full view. Drum brakes will appear as a 'bowl' which make telling them apart instant.

They will be drum or disk. Just look and see. More than likely they are disk brakes.

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they dont need that good of brakes to stop

Remove the calipers and the disk will pull right off

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NO. I had a 96 and it had drum brakes. I believe the rear disk brakes started in 1998 for the Blazers.

It could have either drum brakes or disc brakes on the rear according to motorcraft . com

The rear brakes on a 1984 Chevy truck are drum brakes.

No , disk brakes front and rear ( the back disk brake rotors have small parking brake shoes inside of a drum portion )

Disk brakes at all four wheels. The rear disk has an area in the center where shoes for the parking brake fit. Cheers

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Disk brakes on rear? My 96 aurora was simple The disk brake slave cylinder has to be screwed in after you get the caliper off. After that its just like any other disk brake pad replacement

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