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Does a 1992 Subaru Legacy 4x4 2.2 ltr have an ecu?

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If you have a fuel injected then yes

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How do you time a 1994 Subaru Legacy wagon AWD 4-cylinder?

You don't. Timing is adjusted totally automatically by your ECU.

Will a ECU from a 1993 Dodge Dakota work on a 1992 Dodge Dakota?

Yes it will as long as the ECU is from the same drive train (E.g. 4x4, 4x2 automatic, manual.)

Where is the ECU located on 0990 Subaru Loyale?

On a Subaru Loyale, the ECU is located under the dash. It is behind the glove box on the passenger side.

Where is the ECU and ECM modules located in a 1999 Subaru forester?

The ECU in a MY 1999 Subaru Forester is located at the upper left site of the engine under the air intake.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1992 subaru svx?

Under driver side dash near the door close to the ECU and TCU mounted with main power relay.

How do you retrieve ENGINE codes on 1994 subaru legacy?

Above the gas pedal, under the dash, there is 2 wires with clips that you plug together. Check engine light will flash the codes recorded in the ecu.

Where is the ecu on a 2500 4x4 Cummins?

It is on the driver side of the engine block.

Does subaru wrx alternator have voltage regulator or does ECU control?

it has a inbuilt regulator

Where is the fuel shut off switch in subaru?

In ecu may nead re coading

Where is the ECU located in a 2001 Subaru Outback?

It is under the carpet, on the passenger side, by the firewall.

What is better 8c ecu or a t5 ecu subaru?

Basically the same, they are interchangeable, but no noticeable power gains between the two. If you want better performance look for a tuned ecu, "Mines, Prova, Zerosports......

Change the gearbox in Subaru Legacy?

You will, not only have to replace the transmission as well as the center console inside the car, but also the rear gear box (differential) because the automatic and manual have different gear ratios. You will also need to replace the ecu.

Where is the ECU on a 1998 Subaru Forester?

ECU is on the passenger's side front floorboard. There are a couple of retaining clips that hold the carpet in place. Remove those and pull the carpet back.

Where is the ecu on a 1992 Pontiac firebird?

Behind the glove box.

Where is the voltage regulator on a 1992 Dodge Van?

its part of the ecu

Can you put a turbo on a non turbo 05 Subaru legacy?

Thanks to modern workshops, you can slap a turbo on pretty much anything. Just depends how deep your pockets are.. Go Pro, you'll need new exhaust headers and gaskets and rings and ecu... and more

How to replace ecu on 1991 legacy l wagon 5 sp?

How do you replace the Catalytic converter on a 1991 Suburu Legacy L station wagon? Where I get the used parts?

Where is the ecu in an 1992 Acura Integra?

should be under the passenger floor

Where is the ecu for 1992 dodge stealth rt?

It is located behind the radio.

What would kill your ECU on your 1992 Dodge Dakota?

Old age

How do you replace the ECU on a 1992 Honda Prelude?

the ecu should be under the carpet on the passenger side. unplug the old one and plug in the new!

Where is the ecu located on a 95 Geo Prizm?

On my 1992 Prizm the ECU is behind the center console; just beneath the back of the radio/ashtray.

Where is ecu located on 1995 import subaru impreza?

The ECU isn't under the Dash. its under the passenger's feet. you must lift carpet to see protecting shield once removed you will see the ECU.i know because i own a 95 impreza and maintain it myself.

How do you set timing on 1997 subaru impreza 2.2?

You can't, it's done automatically by the ecu (engine management system)

Where is the ecu located on your 1992 colt vista 2.4?

Try Behind Radio