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Q: Does a 1993 Honda Rubicon have a lemon law?
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Does Georgia has a lemon law?

Yes they do have a lemon law.

What is the lemon law?

Lemon law is the law that protects the consumer when purchasing a new or used vehicle that is still under the manufacturers' warranty. Not all the states have lemon law so do check with your state to see if lemon law is available.

How long does a lemon law for used cars last?

There is no such law as a "lemon law" on a used car. Lemon laws only apply to new cars.

What is the lemon law in Tennessee on vehicles sold as is?

The Lemon Law does not apply to a vehicle sold "as is."

Where can I find a reputable California lemon law attorney?

Here are two lemon law practices in California: Lemon Law Attorneys - Berkley (510)845-8844; and California Lemon Law Attorneys - Glendale (661)255-2303.

Does Texas lemon law apply to used cars?

Yes, the lemon law applies but the buyers remorse law does not.

Where in California, can I find a lemon law attorney?

You can find a California lemon law lawyer at

Where can I locate a California lemon law lawyer?

You can find a California lemon law lawyer at

Is there a lemon law in California?

(Username: jehekim) Yes, California does have a lemon law. It is officially called the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act , but is referred to colloquially as the "lemon law."

How can you find out information on lemon law?

You could find out about your state's lemon law by calling your secretary of state. Every states law is different and some states even have a law about how much you have to pay for the car to be able to use the 'lemon law'.

What is the lemon law for the state of Ohio?

You can check out the features of the Ohio Lemon Law at the link provided below.

When Caesar crossed this river he became an out law what river did he cross?

the rubicon river

Is there a lemon law on used cars with a warranty of 3 months?

No, the lemon law is not for used cars. It is for a new car you bought that is a lemon and a car that the dealer is unable to repair. Check with you state Attorney General for the details of your states lemon law.

What is a lemon state law?

A state lemon law is a law created to protect consumers in the instance of purchasing a "lemon" vehicle. This would be a vehicle that is defective. Different states have different laws about what should happen in those instances. For example, the following talks about the lemon law in Arizona and how it works: <a href="">AZ Used Car Lemon Law.</a>

Who is the best lemon law attorney in Long Beach, California?

Consumer Law Partners advertise themselves as Lemon Law Lawyers in the Long Beach area. On the internet they have good customer reviews. Also listed as specialists in this area are Delsack and Associates, Lemon Law Attorneys of Los Angeles, Rosner Law and Mansfield LLPs and the Lemon Law Center.

What is Michigan lemon law?

a law in Michigan about lemons

How many states do not have any form of lemon laws?

Researching this topic has shown that all states have some form of Lemon law. The website "Car Lemon" has a full list of Lemon Law summaries by state but clearly states at the top that all states are protected by the Federal Lemon Law.

By crossing the Rubicon What did Caesar showed?

By crossing the Rubicon River Caesar showed his determination to confront Pompey and plunge the Roman Republic into a bloody civil war. Crossing the Rubicon and entering Italy with a standing army was forbidden by ancient law.

Does the Lemon Law apply to Private Party sales in WI?

The lemon law only applies to new vehicles.

Is there a lemon law in Louisiana?

of course there is a lemon law in Louisiana. all sates have one! wow you must be a retard

Is there a lemon law specialist attorney in California?

Steven Drew is a good lemon law specialist attorney in California

Does the auto lemon law really come from lemons?

NO. The auto lemon law did not come from lemons. This law is a law that will protect consumers from issues associated with perpetually defective vehicles.

How do I know if my car qualifies under the automobile lemon law?

Car Lemon has a lemon law guide that includes state lemon law statues. It also gives tips and answers frequently asked questions about lemon laws. Go to your state Department of Transportation for reliable information about lemon laws. Your state DOT will provide the info you need to figure out if your car is legally designated as a lemon.

What does a lemon law attorney do?

A lemon law attorney shares a lot of the basic training and responsibilities of any other attorney. However, a lemon law attorney specializes in representing clients relative to cars alleged to be unsatisfactory.

Where online can I find out more about the auto lemon law?

You can go check your local general's attorney and he will give you help about the local lemon law. The lemon law does vary by state and depending on what state you live in will make a difference.