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No a 2002 Honda Accord uses a Timing belt instead. The part functions the same as a timing chain is replacements are a lot less expensive.

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The 2013 Honda Accord has a timing chain. This is new for the Honda accord in 2013, previous years Honda Accord had a timing belt.

The 2002 V6 has a timing belt that MUST be changed every 105,000 miles.

Up to 2002 they have a belt. 2003 and up 4 cylinders have a timing chain. The V6 uses a belt.

it has a timing belt that should be replaced around the 90,000 km mileage

A 1989 Honda Accord has a timing belt.

All Honda engines up to 2002 have a timing belt that must be replaced. Starting in 2003 the 4 cylinder in the Accord has a timing chain, but the V6 still has a timing belt.

The 2.4 litre four cylinder engine in a 2005 Honda Accord has a timing CHAIN

The 4 cylinder '04 Accord has a chain. The V6 has a belt.

There is no timing belt on 2004 Honda accord, but a timing chain.

The 2006 Honda Accord V6 has a timing belt and the 4 cylinder has a chain. Replace the belt at 110,000 miles.

The 2015 Honda Accord V6 models are timing belts. The 4-cylinder version uses timing chain.

No. All 4 cylinder Honda Accord's up to and including 2002 use a timing (cam) belt that must be replaced. 2003 and newer Accord 4 cylinders has a timing (cam) chainthat requires no maintenance. All V6 Accord use a belt that must be replaced.

It has a timing chain that requires no maintenance.

Most older Honda engines have timing belts. However the Honda 2.4L engine used in the CRV since 2002 and in the Accord since 2003 has a timing CHAIN. Yes the 2007 CRV does have a timing chain and not a belt

A timing belt. I think the 4cyl 2.4L has timing chain, the 3.0V6 has timing belt.

A 2002 Jeep Liberty has a timing chain.

No, it has a timing belt and it must be replaced every 105,000 miles. The 4 cylinder has a timing chain.

There is no timing belt; the maintenance-free silent chain is used instead.

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