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If it came from the factory with a cat it is aganst federal law to remove it... also if it has o2 sensors before and after the cat it will affect running of the truck...

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Q: Does a 2005 ford F-250 need a catalytic converter or can you cut your 4in turbo back exhaust short and have it exit in front of the rear tire?
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Do i need a catalytic converter with a catback exhaust?

Catback is shortened slang for "everything back from the catalytic converter". It is a bolt on exhaust which connects to the rear of the pipe holding the catalytic converter, and ends with the muffler and exhaust tip. In short, you need a cat to have a catback.

Can you cut your exhaust short and not hurt your engine?

As long as the muffler and catalytic converter are intact

What is DTC PO420 on a 2000 Camaro?

P0420 usually points to a failed catalytic converter, if the exhaust system is intact, that is. Exhaust leaks in front of a catalytic converter can affect the O2 readings and at times throw a false code. P0141 indicates only the heater circuit of the o2 sensor has a problem. Usually it's the element in the sensor, and replacing the sensor would fix that, but it doesn't rule out a harness issue or a short in the wiring

Why is catalytic converter overheating?

A catalytic converter overheats due to an excess of unburned hydrocarbons reaching it through the exhaust stream for an extended period of time. This overworks the catalyst bed inside the converter, which then starts to become plugged, generating even more heat as it does. In short order, the converter will become a significant exhaust obstruction, causing the engine to overheat and lose power. Eventually, this will prevent the engine from running, due to the inability of the exhaust to escape, denying the engine the opportunity to "breathe"...

Why will a lean condition cause a catalytic converter to turn red?

The catalytic converter usually has an Oxygen Sensor before and after the converter. The hot exhaust gases of the exhaust heat up a catalystic and the voltage is proportional to Oxygen. By measuring before and after the catalytic converter, you have a sense if the Catalytic converter is working correctly in cleaning up the exhaust. The exhast to be cleaned up correctly requires the PCM to sometimes run Lean fuel mixture, to clean up NOx, and sometimes Rich mixture to clean up HC (Hydrocarbons). So PCM cycles the fuel mixture between rich and lean many times in the process of driving, so that to get optimal efficiency of the catalytic converter. However, if you have a vacuum leak, your engine will run LEAN and the PCM will compensate and force it to run rich instead. After a while, by running rich too much, you are throwing unburned fuel into the exhaust pipe, causing Catalytic converter to become Red hot and causing it to fail. So in short, running Rich, not lean, can cause converter failure.

Can a a clog catalytic converter drain your gas?

If you mean drain your gas from the tank then no. The catalytic converter (catcon for short) is part of the exhaust system which only deals with the burnt gas coming out of the engine. If you mean drain your gas mileage, then yes. When part of the exhaust is clogged up the engine has to work harder to push the gasses out which means it'll burn more fuel to create the higher pressure required to push the exhaust past the obstruction.

Can you drive with a cylinder misfire?

A misfire on a car with a catalytic converter will overheat and destroy the converter due to unburned fuel in the exhaust. on a car without a catalytic converter, it will still wash the cylinder with unburned fuel and break down the oil, but not do any serious damage in the short term. it is possible but not good because u can screw the rest of ur motor up it is better to fix before u drive it

What could be causing a burning chemical smell from under a 1998 Subaru Outback?

Have someone check to see if there isn't wiring or something else that is up against one of the exhaust manifolds. It could lead to a short/fire. It could be the catalytic converter

How does a flex pipe on a 1995 Saturn SL1 get replaced?

Front wheel drive vehicle engines move when you accelerate and decelerate, so the exhaust system must flex with it. These engines are equipped with a front exhaust pipe with a flexible section, which accommodates this movement. When replacing this pipe, you must cut the old pipe between the flex section and the Catalytic Converter. Purchase a new front pipe from the parts store, and with it a short "coupling" piece which will be slightly larger in diameter, so to fit over the two pieces. You will also need two clamps sized to fit over the coupling. Install the new front pipe, with the short coupling at the joint with the old section just forward of the converter. You then clamp the two ends of the coupling to complete the repair.

Can a bad EGR valve cause a catalytic converter to fail?

Short answer: YES! Longer answer: The EGR valve is designed to recirculate some exhaust gas into the intake, in order to cool combustion temperatures somewhat. If the combustion temps exceed 1100 degrees (actually common in gasoline engines) then oxides of nitrogen are produced. these gases are what we see as visible smog. If the EGR valve fails, it can lead to very high exhaust temps which can gradually melt the insides of the catalytic converter. If a failed EGR is combined with a lean fuel mixture, or over-advanced ignition timing, the melting of the converter happens very quickly.

How long does a catalytic converter last on a 2005 Chrysler town and country?

It can last the life of the vehicle. But it can be destroyed by an engine not running properly in a very short period of time.

Why does car lose power after driving for a short period of time.then restarted it runs a little further than loses power agin.?

It most likely has a plugged catalytic converter.

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