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Q: Does a 350 from a 90 Sierra Z71 have hydraulic or solid or roller lifters?
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Does a 2001 gmc 6 liter have solid hydraulic or roller lifters?

It has hydraulic roller lifters.

1997 pu solid lifters or hydraulic lifters?

solid lifters at a 012-inch clearance

What are the reasons for using hydraulic tappets?

The hydraulic lifters do not require adjustment nearly as often as solid lifters.

Are solid or hydraulic lifters stock on 1984 Chevy c10?

Hydraulic lifters would be STOCK from the factory. On the 84 engine.

Does 1997 Chevy 3500 series truck with 454 gas have hydraulic lifters?

Yes it does. Chevy did not use solid lifters in that engine.

What happens when rockers are not ajusted?

Assuming solid lifters (as opposed to hydraulic, self-adjusting lifters) you could burn valves if the lifters are adjusted too tight or have excessive valve clatter if the lifters are adjusted too loose.

Does a 1979 corvette 350 have hydraulic lifters?

YES, Unless someone has installed a solid lift cam sometime are another.

How do you determine if a 1970's Chevy 350 has hydraulic or solid lifters?

You could take off a rocker and try to push down on the pushrod. You'd be able to feel the spring in a hydraulic lifter, but not on a solid lifter.

Does a 95 MPV V6 have hydraulic or solid lifters?

It has hydraulic lifters that are known to get noisy. Mazda sells a shim set that can be installed under each lifter to reduce clearance so that the lifters don't require as much pump-up travel. The lifters are located in the ends of the rocker arms, replacing or shimming them requires the removal of part of the intake plenum. You can also buy new lifters in the aftermarket for about $20. each, but there is 12 so it's not exactly cheap.

How much would it cost to fix a lifter?

I guess that you are talking about a hydraulic lifter for an auto engine. There is no repair for these. They can be converted to "solid" lifters or used as paper weights.

What are the pro's and con's with solid or hydraulic lifters-1.6 vw diesel?

I was taught it was a noise thing - less noise in the hydraulic system due to less tapping of metal on metal. Hope someone reads this and verifies, but that's what I was taught.

In a 98 Cavalier once the lifters get used to the style been driven do they loosen up If so how can you tighten them?

It has nothing to do with the lifters getting use to your driving style. Lifters rarely loosen up. Lifters wear over time, thus causing the gap to widen, creating lifter clatter. On solid lifters, that is why they must be adjusted periodically. On hydraulic lifters, this is not necessary, as they automatically adjust for the gap due to wear, if they were installed and adjusted correctly in the first place.

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