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Logic says 4WD saps more energy from the drivetrain, thus it will rob you of an extra couple miles per gallong.


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Q: Does a 6 cylinder manual transmission Ford Explorer get better or worse gas mileage in the 4WD mode?
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Which Toyota Tacoma has better gas mileage?

Regular cab, 4 cylinder, with manual transmission.

What gets better mileage a 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder?

4 cylinder

What is the advantage of a 6 speed manual transmission over a 5 speed manual transmission?

better gas mileage

On your 1995 ford explorer why do you need overdrive and what is the purpose for it?

On the automatic transmission it acts as a 4th gear so your engine doesn't rev as high on the highway , your transmission will run cooler and you will get better gas mileage and also the engine will be quieter with the lower revs

Does using cruise control mess up the transmission?

No it does not. But it does give you somewhat better gas mileage.

How can you get better gas mileage ford explorer 2006?

Don't drive agressively. Or you could have just bought a hybrid...

Will disconnecting the tcc solenoid and leaving it disconnected damage the tranny?

You will get lower gas mileage. The tcc solenoid locks up the transmission to get better gas mileage at higher speeds. I suppose it will wear the transmission slightly faster as well, but the main effect is lower gas mileage.

What is the miles per gallon for a 1997 jeep wrangler 4 cylinder automatic transmission?

with an automatic four your gas mileage can range between 14mpg and 16mpg. It will vary according to your type of driving. stop and go..obviously less mpg..highway..better mileage. remember a Jeep is for rock climbing and low torque power which is not conduceive to good mileage.

Which is more fuel efficient a manual transmission or an automatic transmission?

In the past a manual transmission equipped vehicle would always get better fuel mileage. But on cars built in the last 5 years that is not always true. There are some vehicles where the A/T equipped vehicle gets as good or better fuel mileage than a manual. Especially cars equipped with a CVT automatic transmission.

Is a 4cylinder better then 6 cylinder?

No, if you think about it a v6 has power than a four cylinder, but the four cylinder gets better gas mileage, it all depends on what you want if you live in a hilly areas get a v6 because the four cylinder would start to struggle when going up hill and the v6 is better when passing usually the v6 models get better tires and suspension.

What is the gas mileage for a 1996 ranger XL?

Depends on the size of the engine. Automatic or stick shift. If it is a 6 cylinder automatic it will probably get 20mpg city and 23mpg hwy. Stick shift will do better and a 4 cylinder will do better.

What is the Best Chevy auto transmission?

the v8 700r4 its a strong tranny its a overdrive tranny it will give you better Gas mileage

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