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Does a 93 ranger have a timing belt or chain?

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In a 1993 Ford Ranger :

The 2.3 liter four cylinder engine has a timing BELT and

The 3.0 and 4.0 liter V6 engines have a timing CHAIN

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The 4 cylinder has a timing belt , the V6 engines use a timing chain

do you have to change a timing belt on a 93 318 is BMW

Timing CHAIN on the 4.0 liter V6 in a 1993 Ford Explorer

Replace every 60,000 miles. need picture diagram of 2.3 4cyl ford ranger 93 timing belt diagram

i had one changed a couple of years a ago on a 93 t100 and it was a belt.

3.0 L Sabb V-6 uses a timing belt. This belt must be replaced every 90,000 miles.

I am in the process of rebuilding a 1993 Nissan altima. The 93 - 97 having timing chains. It has an upper and a lower timing chain. Hope this helps

It is a chain in a 93, I would think it would be in a 92 as well.

just spoke to a man at the mot station he said they have timing chains

The '94 V6 has a belt that should be changed every 105,000 miles. The 4-cylinder has a chain. Older models from 87-93 with the V6 and a square-toothed belt should have the belt changed every 60,000 miles. The 93-94-95's with the round-tooth belt all have 105K change intervals. -88pathoffroadanswerIf it is a 4 cylinder z24 motor its got a timing chain. V6 VG30 its a timing belt

Hey Susan==It is a pretty good job to change a timing belt. I suggeast getting a manual on your vehicle from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM They will telll you all about it. GoodluckJoe

not for changing the belt. however you will need it for the ignition timing once you have replaced the timing belt

If the timing is controlled by Belt Drive and not Gear Driven, then I think you may need to Urgently have a New Belt fitted, before you do Severe Damage to the Upper part of the Engine. Regards, Peter.

if the timing belt breaks then yes it will throw the timing off.

It behind the timing belt.

The timing belt should be changed every 90,000 miles on a 93 Accord.

susposably yuou chane the timing belt every 80 000 miles on most all cars and trucks There is no timing belt on a 93 s10 blazer (you have the V6 4.3L I am assuming). It has a timing chain and gears same as the small block Chevrolet. Usaually only replace them if the chain is stretched or gears worn. This should only happen if you have to constantly check and reset the timing, or the vehicle would not run as the chain would be jumping the sprocket (or gears). Unless you have this problem it should not be of concern. The chain and sprockets should last 200,000 pretty easily.

There is no way to 'test' a timing belt. On your 1993, Mercury suggests it be replaced every 64K miles.

The timing marks on a 93 Cadillac 4.9L engine are two dots stamped into the timing chain and the camshaft sprocket. They must be aligned to ensure proper initial timing.

Changing a timing belt is a very detailed and complicated process, of which requires removing the engine. Detailed instructions can be obtained from the auto-parts store of which the timing belt was purchased.


The water pump is on the passenger end of the engine inside the timing belt cover. Actually is is driven by the timing belt.

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