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Q: Does a British airline ticket from Miami to Delhi via London require a transit visa?
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What is a british airline headquartered at London luton airport?


What is the name of a luxury airline flying from the US to London?

British Airways

What is the best airline to fly from New York to London?

British Airways

Which airline has the cheapest flights from Nassau Bahamas to London England?

british airways

When was London Transit created?

London Transit was created in 1875.

Do you need a visa to transit in London?

do i need a visa to transit in london

Do British citizens require passports to fly from Scotland to London?


When was British Airways airlines established?

British Airways was founded on March 31, 1974. Its main hub is located in London, England at the London Heathrow Airport. It is the main airline carrier for the United Kingdom.

Which airline flies between Bucharest and Sydney?

British Airways: Otopeni-London-Sydney: approx. 30 hours

What airline can you use to get to London from New York?

Silverjet Virgin Atlantic British Airways United Airlines American Airlines

What terminal do you use for flights to America from London heathrow?

It depends on the airline that you are using. British Airways depart from Terminal 5.

What type of photo id would be suitable for flight travel between London and Dublin?

you need to check with your airline - most require passports

Is there a airline that flies from London to Marrakesh without changing planes?

There is currently no airline that flies nonstop from London to Marrakesh, Morocco.

How long does a flight take from Chicago to bucharest Romania?

About 16 hours, if you count the check-in time and the passport control. Min. 13 hours, via London (flight + London transit), British Airways

Which terminal from Heathrow London to San Francico?

Airline: Terminal British Airways: 5 United Airlines: 1 Virgin Atlantic Airways: 3

What airline would be able to take you to London England?

British Airways is the main airline based at London's Heathrow Airport, however all major Airlines from around the world will fly into Heathrow and other London Airports. A more detailed answer may be given if you ask the question again stating where you wish to fly from.

What is the cheapest 2 way airline ticket to London?

from where

How long is flight from belfast to London?

About 40 minutes, depending on your airline and the route they choose, and also which London Airport you are going to (luton, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted or London City). Contact your airline as they have the definitive times.

Which airline offers flights to Aalborg from London?

British Airways, Norwegian Air and KLM offer flights to Aalborg from London. Norwegian Airlines is the only one that offers a direct flight. The other two airlines have a connection.

I am US greencard holder with a Sri lankan passport. Do I need UK transit visa?

You do not need a transit visa, if you do not go out of the airport to see London or change airports at London.

Aircraft used for London gatewick to lanzarote?

Do you have a specific airline

Which airline fly direct to Amritsar from London?

At the moment, no airlines fly direct between Amritsar and London.

Do they speak British in London?

People in London speak English as elsewhere in the British Isles. British is not a language.

Which city is home to the worlds oldest underground transit system?


What city is home to the world's oldest underground transit system?

London .