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No it doesn't because it is not an alien card. Cards that work with the A-counters have to have ALIEN in their title.

2007-01-01 17:09:39
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Is a werewolf the ultimate monster in horror movies?

It's a personal choice some people think the werewolf is the ultimate monster & some others believe Dracula is or Frankenstein or other horror movie monsters.What is you're ultimate monster in horror movies?And that's what it is for you.

What is the 1 worst horror movie?

robot monster

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a monster

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Most monster/ horror books are seen from the view point of the subject being the monster ..

What books are considered horror stories in goosebumps?

monster edition 1# monster edition 2# monster edition3 # and the barking ghost !

What Horror movie in a sorority with a cartoon monster?

Evil Toons

What is the theme in the book Goosebumps Monster Blood?

the theme is horror

When playing the game Arkham horror if a monster has a horror rating of just a negative symbol and no number what does that mean?

That 'negative symbol' is actually a dash. It's used to indicate that the monster is not sufficiently horrifying to warrant sanity damage. Combat it without making a horror check.

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it's not really but for little kids it is

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Slasher horror Found footage horror Stalker horror (often overlaps with Slasher horror) Thriller/Action-Adventure horror Psychological horror/Suspense Paranormal horror Torture horror Exploitation horror Splatter horror Science Fiction Aliens (part of the larger Sci-Fi category) Monster movies (Cryptid/Creature horror) Vampire horror

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An early gothic horror story about a monster created from corpses

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CLOVER FIELD IS A MONSTER IN CENTRAL PARK/ CLOVERFIELD IS THE NAME OF THE MONSTER/ Cloverfield Is The Name Of The Movie. THE MONSTER DOESN'T HAVE A NAME!!!! Cloverfield is the name of a Science Fiction/Horror of a baby monster rampaging through New York.

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Some are... unpleasant child little monster little horror spoiled brat

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Manhattan's Monster - 2012 was released on: USA: 16 November 2012 (Shockfest Horror Film Festival)

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The Monster Squad is a comedy and horror film that was released in August of 1987. This movie was produced and distributed internationally by Tri-Star Pictures.

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It's probably, "War of the Gargantuans."

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The cast of The Silent Horror Picture Show - 2008 includes: Soumita Acharya as Monster Pablo Bubar as Victim

Why is the science fiction horror movie carnosaur rated restricted?

"Carnosaur" (1993) is rated 'R' for monster violence and language.