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Does a Gameshark for Gba work on Ds lite?

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Cheating devices like GameShark and Action Replay only work for one type of console. If you are playing a GBA game on the DS Lite, you can use the Game Shark for the GBA in the GBA slot on the DS.

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Can you use action replay for gba games on the ds lite?

No.You cant because Action replay DS works for DS but there is a GBA Gameshark for GBA idk if they still sell them you can check :)

How do you get a GameShark work for ds lite?

you can't gameshark does not work. You need to by an action replay.

Can you use a GBA SP Gameshark on a DS?

the gameshark for the gba willnot work on the ds i clicked the link and it says YES it does work so why in the hell did u answer "willnot"???

Will a gba sp gameshark or action replay plug in to and function on a Nintendo ds lite?

yes it will

What other console games work on a ds lite?

only 2 game packs work on the ds,the ds pack and the gba the gba goes in at the bottom

How can you get GBA to work on Nintendo DS lite?

You will need:Nintendo DS or DS LiteGBA gameMethod:If there is anything in the Slot-2 of your DS, take it out.Put the GBA game into the DS's Slot-2Power on your DSPress 'Start GBA Game' on the bottom screen.

Why doesn't the gba action replay work on the ds?

I'm afraid cheating devices like Gameshark and AR only work for one type of console. I tried a GBA gameshark on my GBA SP once and the gameshark broke in half!

What does action replay special edition Pokemon crystal?

It will only work if you have a ds and not a ds lite hope this helped btw GBA should be done with gameshark it will destroy GBA games after a while if you use action replay RIP leaf green and saphire

Is nintendo ds lite only console that plays Game Boy Advance games?

No, GBA games can be played on the following: GBA, GBA SP (+), GBA Micro, DS (original), DS lite.

Can a normal DS charger work for a 3DS?

No. The regular DS/GBA charger, and the DS lite charger, do not work with a 3DS. But the DSi charger does.

If you buy a gameshark for a Game Boy sp will it work for a ds lite?

It will work 100%. I wondered about the same thing for a while ago. I tried it, and it works perfectly. It's as if you were playing a normal gba game.

Can you trade Pokemon from one gba game to another gba game on a ds lite?

the answer is no you can not use the conecter in the ds lite to conect and you can not plug in a cord

Which is better Nintendo ds light or Nintendo DSi?

Nintendo Dsi if you do not have alot of gba games because your prob trading in your ds lite if you have a gba or ds and ds lite i recommend dsi

Can you play gba games without downlod?

You just put them into the GBA, original DS or DS lite.

Can the Pokemon Company make DS Lite versions of Pokemon Emerald?

Pokemon Emerald already works for DS Lite, all GBA games work on DS or DS Lite. (It's the bottom socket, opposite the one that takes DS games.

Can you charge a Game Boy advance with a ds lite charger?

No. The GBA and the original DS use the same black charger, but the dark grey DS lite charger won't work on either.

Can you put a big gba game card into the ds?

You can put a GBA cartridge into the Slot-2 of an original DS, or DS lite.

When you put your action replay in your ds lite it does not load it goes straight to the Nintendo ds screen?

# on a ds lite it might not work for a ds and gba AR, so make sure it is only for ds # buy a new one

Will Pokemon Yellow fit into ds lite?

Yes - All GBA games will fit into the DS or the DS Lite but won't in the DSi.(If you have a flashcard then it's 90% that you can't run GBA games on it.)

Do Nintendo DS game work on a Nintendo DS Lite?

Yes. A DS Lite is the same as the DS, but smaller; A DSi is the same thing as a DS Lite but with a few added features. All DS games are compatible with all the kinds of DS, except ones that need the GBA slot (aka Slot-2): * Original DS expansion paks work in the DS and DS Lite * DS Lite paks only work in the DS Lite (won't fit in original ds, too short) * DSi won't support any Slot-2 expansion paks.

Is the DS lite or DSi better?

the older ds because it has a gba slot

Can you Pokemon between 2 GBA Pokemon games with only a ds lite and a GBA?


On ds lite what are GBA cartriges?

A GBA cartridge is a:Game Boy Advance cartridge.

Can you play gamecube games on Nintendo ds lite?

No, You can only play GBA & Nintendo DS game 'cartridges' on Nintendo DS Lite.

Can you connect a ds lite to a gba?

no. theDS lite is wireless to only other DS's