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I think you mean hydraulic clutch. I believe your model is hydraulic.

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Q: Does a Honda Prelude 1998 type sh have a cable or hydraulic transmission?
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Does 86 Honda Prelude have clutch cable?

The 1986 Honda Prelude does not have a clutch cable. The 1986 Prelude has a hydraulic clutch instead of the clutch cable.

Does 1998 Honda Prelude have a clutch cable?

Does a 1998 Honda prelude have a clutch cable

Why is the Clutch pedal to floor in my 1990 Honda Prelude?

There is no fluid in the system or master cylinder/slave cylinder failure (hydraulic). Cable streched or broken (if not hydraulic).

Does a 88 prelude Si 4ws have a clutch cable or hydraulic clutch?

It has a hydraulic clutch

How do you convert a cable clutch to a hydraulic clutch in a Honda? has clutch master cylinder adapters. Here is the info from their page: "The new master cylinder adapter allows the use of a Honda-style or Wilwood clutch master cylinder to convert a cable transmission vehicle to a hydraulic setup."

Can you convert from a hydraulic to cable transmission?

Yes you can

Does a 1988 Honda Prelude have a vehicle speed sensor?

Yes, the 1988 and 1989 Honda Prelude has a VSS that is a cable sending unit that connects to the gauge cluster in the dash.

Is there a cable to the clutch of a 1996 Honda Accord?

No the clutch is hydraulic.

What is hydraulic data transmission?

means a transmission that depends on a hydraulic system and in cable flow fluid. D.P = QXRL

Does the Lincoln LS manual transmission have cable or hydraulic linkage?

The Ls has a hydraulic clutch mechanism

Why will my 2001 Honda Prelude not go into reverse?

Hey. I hate to give you or anyone with the same problem any bad news. But I have a 2000 prelude type sh. It want go in reverse check the cables under the car or take it to a transmission shop it could be that. But my cable was fine and it turned out to be my transmission. Hope this helps

Can a 1992-95 Honda civic 5 speed manual transmission fit a 1991 Honda civic?

Yeah, it will fit. But the 1991 civic sohc 1.5 transmission is cable and the 1992-1995 transmission is hydraulic. So yeah it will fit no it will not work with out doing other work. Also The speed sensor is cable in the 1991 and the 1992-1995 is electronic, more work.

Where is speed sensor located for 90 Honda Prelude SI?

I am in the process of replacing the speed sensor in my 90 prelude. It is located on the transmission. with a small cable with a plug on the end of it. Looking at it from the passenger side . you can see a picture of it on eBay.. just type in 1990 Honda speed sensor.. there are several...

Does an 1989 Honda CRX Si have a cable transmission or hydraulic?

All 1984-1991 crxs that haven't had motor &/or trans swaps have cable transmissions. Only swapped ef crxs depending on the swap, have hydrolic transmissions.

What do you need to put a 91 prelude 2.0 si motor and 5 speed transmission in a 86 prelude 2.0 si with auto transmission?

the pedals , driveshaft, shifter. and stub axels. speedo cable.

Why would a Honda Prelude stop keeping miles?

The speedo or the speedo cable might be broken and, or be dissconncted.

Where is the speedometer cable on 1988 Honda Prelude?

it runs from the transmission up along the block on the distributor side then runs across in between the firewall and valve cover then into the fire wall and into the back of the interment cluster

How do you change the headlights on a 98 Honda Prelude?

Check out the FAQ for 2001 Honda prelude. The initial trick is to simply pull the electrical cable straight away from the headlight unit. You will see two prongs sticking out after you've pulled the cable off. The rest of the steps are pretty clear.

Which transmission is better in the Honda CR-V cable or electronic?

It is likely that a cable transmission would be better overall. An electronic transmission does not have a direct connection to the actual gears.

How do you repair hood release cable 1992 Honda Prelude?

Assuming that you want it to work correctly, you don't. Install a new cable instead. A new cable will be inexpensive, easy to install, and it will work.

How do you adjust clutch on 1989 Honda Civic?

Where the cable hooks on to the transmission there should be a little screw what adjusts the cable.

The bolts are out but the manual transmission on a 1985 Honda prelude wont come out do you have to remove the starter or some other special issue?

If you don't have a maintenance manual, get one before going any further. You have not specified if the half-shafts have been pulled, if the engine and transmission are in the car, or out, and if you have disconneted the speedometer cable and shifter linkage, as well as the clutch cable. You will need to support the transmission somehow when it is separated from the engine.

Speedometer broke 94 Honda Accord?

possible cable Remove from transmission and check if in one piece - if not remove speedometer head and replace cable to transmission and head

How do you disconnect accelerator cable from a 1992 Honda prelude?

All you do is unplug slowly and carefully. Take the blue wire and then slip the thing out!

On 1989 Honda prelude si automatic is speedometer cable or sensor?

89 Speedo cableI just paid for a lower speedometer cable. The sensor began in '90. The part price was 35.78 plus shipping. It also has a sensor that sits on top of the transmission case. I'm ordering one from today!To better answer the question, an 89 prelude has both. The speedometer cable attaches to the speed sensor.