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Does a Kentucky employer have to have Workers Comp if he has only two employees?

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Yes. Kentucky work comp requirements are very specific. If you have one or more employees, you have required to provide work comp coverage for those employees.

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What does the workers comp insurance company need from the employer?

The workers comp insurance company requires the employer to insure all the employees.

Do you have to have workers comp for family employees?

do you have to have workers comp for family part time employees?

Is the employer liable to pay workmans comp to employees who worked under the table?

Yes - even in the absence of a workers comp policy, the employer is responsible for a work related injury

Can an employer keep your vacation pay while out on workers comp?

can an employer keep my vacation pay while out on workers comp?

Can an employer tell his employees if someone is out on workmans comp?

Certainly. WC claimants have no expectation of privacy. Folks injured at work get workers comp, and that's no secret.

Is an employer with two employees in Florida who pays for injuries and lost wages if one of ythe employees get injured?

If you carry Workers' Compensation insurance on the employees, Workers' Comp does. If not, your company does, and can also be sued by the injured worker. Even if you're exempt from having to carry Workers' Comp, you're not exempt from being liable for work-related injuries.

Do family members in California need workers comp insurance?

Workers comp insurance has nothing to do with family members. Workers comp insurance is an insurance policy that your employer will have on if in case you get hurt at work.

Can my employer lay me off after i filed a workers comp claim?

Your employer cannot fire you just because you have filed a workers comp claim. They must have proof of something else before they can fire you.

I am a sub contractor do i have to pay worker's compensation?

Workers Comp varies from state to state but in general, if you are an employer you must pay for Workers Comp for your employees. Most large contractors require their subs to show evidence of Workers Comp coverage. This is because the insurance companies will charge the GC if they can't show evidence of all workers being covered under other policies. So in general, yes, sub contractors have to pay for Workers Comp.

When does an employer have to have workman's comp in Texas?

Texas is the only voluntary Comp state. But employers and general contractors remain liable for the workers' injuries (including subcontractors who lack Workers' Comp coverage) and should opt out correctly - according to the state rules, filing their decision with the state and posting the proper notice to employees & subcontractors. Employers in all states need to realize they remain liable if they don't have coverage, and that their employees and their employees' families can sue them. An alternative to Workers Comp for subcontractors (and employees who opt out of Workers' Comp) is Occupational Accident - especially if paired with Contingent Liability (contractors only - not employees), it can be cheaper than Comp and can in many ways provide even better coverage. It's not the same, though, and the Occupational Accident and Contingent Liability policies need to be compared closely.

Can an employer force an employee who is on workers comp to do volunteer work?

Absolutely not! No.

How long does the employer have to file a workers comp claim?

Three days

What states require employer to have workmans comp?

All states require employers to carry Workers' Comp or remain liabile to the workers themselves. Most states have exemptions for some employers, such as those with fewer than 5 employees, or employers whose sole workforce is comprised of partners in the company. Texas is the only state in which Workers' Comp is 100% voluntary, yet again, the employer remains liable to the worker and would have to pay out of pocket for claims. Further, by not carrying Workers' Compensation, the worker is free to sue the employer - something he's not able to do if the employer carries Workers' Comp unless the employer's guilty of GROSS negligence. See the attached link, "Should I Carry Workers' Compensation?" for additional information.

Does your employer have to file for workmens comp after they tell you to take time off because they dont have work for you?

Workers comp is a benefit associated with workplace inuries, not with lack of work. Employers never file for WC, injured employees do.

Does a company have to provide workman's comp for part time employees?

Depends on the state, total number of employees, etc. Even if the employer is exempt from the *requirement* to carry Comp, he remains liable to his employees. If your employer doesn't carry Comp, ask him to discuss it with his insurance agent, who can help him understand the costs of insurance versus the potential costs of being uninsured. There's a viable alternative in most states for independent contractors and those employers who are exempt from having to carry Comp: Occupational Accident coverage can be customized and often is less expensive than Comp. They aren't the same, though, and when used for independent contractors I personally feel it should always be paired with Contingent Liability. Does family workers have to have workers comp.? In Pennsylvania, yes.

Can you be made to take another job while on workers comp?

In Canada yes. For example if you injury your back because you were doing heavy lifting and Workers Comp., sent you to a Chiropractor or physical therapy then after a few days to a few weeks and your doctor clears it then Workers Comp will make a deal with your employer to put you on light duty. This way the employer will pay half and Workers Comp will pay the other half until you are fully recovered.

Are 1099 employees exempt from workers comp requirements?

No, the IRS rules of IC do not apply to workers comp. Please contact NCCI at 800-622-4123 to verify.

If you return to work on light duty will you get a paycheck from your employer and workers comp?

No. Because the doctor has verified that are able to work, and you are receiving a normal paycheck on company time. Now a check from workers comp may overlap with your employer pay, but, once workers comp has been notified, that you are working, light duty or otherwise, those payments will stop.

What if your hurt at work and dont have workmans comp?

if your employer doesn't have workers comp insurance then you sue the company directly. Find a good lawyer.

What is the ratio of the insurance cost of Worker's Comp to Liability Insurance?

Usually workers comp is less than the Liability Insurance. The Liability is based off of the gross receipts where as the workers comp is the number of employees and their hourly rate.

Who pays your health insurance while you are on Workers Comp?

WOW Where I live it is the workers responsibility to insure his benefits will continue as employers are not required to continue Health care benefits in this case. Check with your Workers Comp Representative and employer!

Does workers comp pay for physical therapy?

Typically Yes, but it depends on what your employer insurance covers.

Can an employer terminate my medical insurance while I am on workmen's comp?

In Canada they cannot terminate medical insurance while an employee is on Worker's comp. However, if all employees have their medical terminated then the employer can get away with it.

Who is responsible for funding workers compensation?

the employer usually pays an insurance policy that covers the employee if they need workers comp leave.

Can I be denied a job while on workers comp?

If you are on workman's comp it's because you couldn't work due to an injury or illness. Why would an employer hire you?