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Yes. Kentucky work comp requirements are very specific. If you have one or more employees, you have required to provide work comp coverage for those employees.

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Q: Does a Kentucky employer have to have Workers Comp if he has only two employees?
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What does the workers comp insurance company need from the employer?

The workers comp insurance company requires the employer to insure all the employees.

Do you have to have workers comp for family employees?

do you have to have workers comp for family part time employees?

Is the employer liable to pay workmans comp to employees who worked under the table?

Yes - even in the absence of a workers comp policy, the employer is responsible for a work related injury

Can an employer keep your vacation pay while out on workers comp?

can an employer keep my vacation pay while out on workers comp?

Can an employer tell his employees if someone is out on workmans comp?

Certainly. WC claimants have no expectation of privacy. Folks injured at work get workers comp, and that's no secret.

Is an employer with two employees in Florida who pays for injuries and lost wages if one of ythe employees get injured?

If you carry Workers' Compensation insurance on the employees, Workers' Comp does. If not, your company does, and can also be sued by the injured worker. Even if you're exempt from having to carry Workers' Comp, you're not exempt from being liable for work-related injuries.

Do family members in California need workers comp insurance?

Workers comp insurance has nothing to do with family members. Workers comp insurance is an insurance policy that your employer will have on if in case you get hurt at work.

What states require employer to have workmans comp?

All states require employers to carry Workers' Comp or remain liabile to the workers themselves. Most states have exemptions for some employers, such as those with fewer than 5 employees, or employers whose sole workforce is comprised of partners in the company. Texas is the only state in which Workers' Comp is 100% voluntary, yet again, the employer remains liable to the worker and would have to pay out of pocket for claims. Further, by not carrying Workers' Compensation, the worker is free to sue the employer - something he's not able to do if the employer carries Workers' Comp unless the employer's guilty of GROSS negligence. See the attached link, "Should I Carry Workers' Compensation?" for additional information.

How long does the employer have to file a workers comp claim?

Three days

Can an employer force an employee who is on workers comp to do volunteer work?

Absolutely not! No.

Can my employer lay me off after i filed a workers comp claim?

Your employer cannot fire you just because you have filed a workers comp claim. They must have proof of something else before they can fire you.

I am a sub contractor do i have to pay worker's compensation?

Workers Comp varies from state to state but in general, if you are an employer you must pay for Workers Comp for your employees. Most large contractors require their subs to show evidence of Workers Comp coverage. This is because the insurance companies will charge the GC if they can't show evidence of all workers being covered under other policies. So in general, yes, sub contractors have to pay for Workers Comp.

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