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Does a MacBook Pro have a CD slot?


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Most do, but the Macbook pro with Retina Display does not.


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The MacBook AIR was created for the "on-the-go" person. More for convenience then processing power. The basic model does not come with a CD/DVD slot and uses solid-state design for its hard drive (smaller capacity). For the value, the MacBook Pro is a good purchase.

yes, a CD and DVD drive

The MacBook Pro's SuperDrive will play and record both CDs and DVDs.

It's used for connecting a key or combination lock based cable for securing your MacBook Pro to an object (such as a table) to prevent it from being stolen.

Take disc in right hand Locate disc slot on right hand side of MacBook Pro Gently push disc into disc slot

Yes. MacBook Pro has the ablilty to read / write to all current DVD and CD formats. They are not yet, however, able to read or write Blu-Ray or HD-DVD discs.

The newer MacBook and MacBook Pro models have some distinct differences. The MacBook is a white plastic shell with a smaller screen. All MacBook Pro models are now made of a solid, unibody enclosure. Some advantages/disadvantages: *The MacBook tends to get very hot after about an hour of use. The MacBook Pro models do not have this problem. *The MacBook Pro models have a better screen for displaying graphics, and have a higher powered graphics chip. *The MacBook Pro 13" and 15" models include a SD Card slot. The MacBook and MacBook Pro 17" models do not. *The MacBook has a removable battery. All batteries on the MacBook Pro models can not be removed. *The MacBook only comes with a 2.13GHz processor. The standard configuration of the lowest costing MacBook Pro has a 2.23GHz processor. *All MacBook Pro batteries can have a charge for up to 7 hours (excluding the MacBook Pro 17", which can have an 8 hour charge). The battery on the MacBook can have just a 5 hour charge. The MacBook Pro family has some obvious advantages. If you're looking for a lower-costing computer that can run Mac OSX, the MacBook would be your best choice. If you need something reliable that can do any task, go for it and upgrade to a MacBook Pro.

The macbook pro is the best!!!!!!

MacBook Pro is the best you can get

Your CD/DVD player is a Read Only Memory drive.

The MacBook Pro is already 'out'. the successor of the Macbook Pro is the recent 2012 Macbook Pro with retina with upgraded performance and screen resoulution and display.

If your Macbook Pro has a DVD/CD drive just insert the game CD in the drive and follow the directions. If you do not have a DVD/CD drive you will need to copy the game to a flash drive or use an external DVD/CD drive to install it. Of course the game will have to be Mac compatible or it will not run on a Mac.

the macbook pro has more spaceMacbook Pro-8 terabytesMacbook-4 terabytes

The MacBook is made of polycarbonate and is coloured white whereas the Pro is made of aluminum. The Pro has a generally higher spec - includes FireWire port, SD card slot etc. and has a backlit keyboard which are not included with the MacBook. The white MacBook has a better Wi-Fi range than the aluminum model owing to the fact that aluminum blocks Wi-Fi signals to an extent..

The Macbook Pro is made in China.

The DVD drive in a MacBook Pro can burn Audio CD, Data CD, and DVD disks. It will not burn Blu-Ray disks. Types of writes: CD-Write: -R, -RW DVD-Write: -R, -R DL, -RW, +R, +R DL, +RW

I has a SD card slot on the side, in between the headphone jack and the usb port.

Some people prefer Dell and others prefer MacBook Pro. Here are some opinions:Most certainly Macbook pro.MacBook Pro is better than Dell. MacBook Pro is faster than Dell.

you probably should get the MacBook. they are cheaper than the MacBook Pro. now, if you want a bigger screen, then get a MacBook Pro.

The best Macbook is the Macbook Pro

There is no age limit for getting a MacBook Pro.

Apple's newest release in the MacBook line is the MacBook Pro with Retina display.

The only disadvantage to a Macbook Air is the fact that is does not have a CD/DVD drive, nor does it have the Retina display. It also has less memory and it also costs just as much as a Macbook Pro if you get the 13.3" model. But it is lighter and thinner. If you use it allot when traveling and a size and weight are important then it is a good choice. I personally would buy the Macbook Pro 13".

Detailed instructions for doing this are here: however this will void your warranty if you are not an apple certified technician.

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