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Any program that accesses your computer and/or internet will affect the ping. The answer is yes.

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clicking the green "Call" button

It costs nothing if you call someone who's using Skype (Skype-to-Skype). If you call to a phone number, it does cost but I dont know how much

Yes, you can call from computer to mobile phone using Skype.

You can call international locations with Skype if both parties have Skype accounts. Skype to Skype calling is free, however you will be charged if you use Skype to call a landline or a mobile phone. Idont know

No, if you have purchased minutes in skype you can make a call to the regular number from skype.

yes get skype and then get contacts with skype and press video call

The first call in Skype is free and can last up to 10 minutes.

Yes, Skype call is safe, it does not download any malicious viruses.

yes you can use skype from anywhere to call anyone i call from Spain to Malaysia and it works

You can call her on Skype her Skype name is heyitszendaya.

go to the skype menu and click on call phones and then click buy skype credit.

Yes, the Skype video call is one of the safest features that you can ever use.

I believe it's like mobile credit, with Skype, you can call people on Skype for free, but calling mobiles via Skype costs Skype credits.

There is no charge to make a call to other Skype users over the internet. However, there are fees if you use Skype to call a regular telephone number.

skype is a place where you can find celebrities or friends and family. you can also call them even video call them. pheobe tonkins skype is pheobe.704

You do not need your Skype number to make Skype to Skype calls. You can log into your Skype account with your recently made ID and password.

If you have created your Skype ID recently, then you will not your number to make Skype to Skype calls. You can log in with your Skype ID and password to make calls.

No. You can choose not to install it.

Yes, there are Skype apps for it.

The cheapest way would be skype which is a free installation for computers and smart phones. If both parties have skype you can make a skype to skype call which is free. If only one party has skype you can make a skype to telephone call. Worldwide calls cost 2.3 cents (USA) perminute or 1.4p (uk) to landline and mobiles phones

Skype and Windows 7 are two separate pieces of software ! The Skype phone-pad is within the Skype software. You can either call an existing contact with a single click, or choose the 'Call a phone number' option from the 'Call' menu.

Skype is free of charge! You could pay to call landline phones or cell phones from Skype, though.

yes you can call on your iPod touch becuz there is an app called SKYPE and you can call things from it I've tried it out but you have to have skype service otherwise no

Load up SkypeClick the person you wish to call, if they have accepted you as a Skype contact, you can call them.Click the green 'Call' button.NOTE: You have to pay to call someone, but video calling is free. Therefore, if you and the recipient both have a webcam, video calling is better.

5 Great Ways to Record Skype Calls.. Wiretap Studio Ecamm Call Recorder IMcapture

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