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My 94AE does have a pushbutton cross slide safety. It is one of the latest made in 356 Winchester, I bought it new after Winchester discontinued the 356 caliber. Also I have an interested buyer but he does't want the dies and supply of shells and bullets. Anyone interested?

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โˆ™ 2007-08-26 17:42:14
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Q: Does a Winchester Model 94 AE in 356 with serial number 5624624 have a push button safety?
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While I cannot advise you to do this,I would advise you to have a gunsmith do the work for you.

When was the cross bolt safety added to the Winchester 94?

The crossbolt safety on Winchester 94 has been introduced in 1992.

Sears model 6c semi auto 22 cal rifle how do you work the safety or is there one?

Your rifle may be a Winchester Model 490. If so, it should have a button type safety on the side of the trigger guard to the front of the guard. This pushes through from right to left to release the safety. Please contact Winchester through their website for an owner's manual for your rifle.

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1991 !

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I have a marlin Safety with a ser# 40098. I believe it is a model 1894, do not know the cal. Can you tell me anything?With the serial number 119,755.Your Marlin safety model 1894 rifle was made in the year 1895.The serial number 40098 indicates that this Marlin rifle was made in the year 1890.

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the model 1894 winchesters of that time did not have what you would consider a mechanical safety,( a button or wing type safety) there safety was a half cock,that is once a round was levered into the breech and the hammer was all the way back you had to safely hold on to the hammer with your finger hand squeeze the trigger to ease the hammer forward then thumb the hammer back until it clicked in the half cock position.

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