Bald Eagles

Does a bald eagle eat only meat?

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Is the bald eagle a meat eater only?

no they also eat fish

What food can you make out of bald eagle meat?

its hard to tell , since not many people eat bald eagle!

Will a bald eagle eat another bald eagle?

No Bald Eagle do not eat another Bald Eagle

Is a bald a eagle a herbivore or carbivore?

Carnivore. They eat fish, which is meat.

What does a bald eagle eat?

plants and animals. Not really plants mainly animals, such as " smaller birds, and rodents, and other meat creatures.a bald eagle eat fish

Do vultures eat dead bald eagles?

Well, I would say yes. Vultures eat meat so it is possible for them to eat a dead bald eagle.

Will the bald eagle eat a hippo?

Bald eagle does not eat hippo because the bald eagle mainly eats fish. (salmon is their faivorite)

Can a bald eagle eat hummingbirds?

No. A Bald Eagle will eat mostly fish but not other birds.

Does a bald eagle eat dead meat?

A bald eagle is a hunter or a predator which means it hunts and kills its own food. They will eat either dead or alive meat, but alive might be a little messy considering they will literally have to kill it themselves. So the answer to your question is YES, eagles will eat dead meat. Hocheman120, Dm8r, and Devoidshilo

Does a bald eagle eat a snake?

A bald eagle will consume anything it can catch including a snake.

Does the bald eagle eat chipmunks?

Yes, the Bald Eagle eats small animals such as the chipmunk.

What is a Bald eagle's diet?

A bald eagle eat fish.

Does the bald eagle eat a snake?


Do wolverines eat bald eagle?


What do they eat the bald eagle?


Can a bald eagle eat a monkey?

Monkeys and Bald Eagles live in different places, so it is rather unlikely, HOWEVER, a Bald Eagle COULD eat a small monkey.

Does any other animal eat the bald eagles?

the owls would eat a bald eagle

What would eat a bald eagle?

not many things would try for a bald eagle is at the top of its food chain.

Does a bald eagle eat a rat?

yes it does

Does a bald eagle eat other animals?


Does a bald eagle eat herbivores?


What types of plants does a bald eagle eat?

It doesn't, its a carnivore (eats meat) and has a diet primarily based around fish such as salmon.

Does an eagle eat a squirrel?

I just saw a bald eagle eat a grey squirrel today

What are the predators of a bald eagle?

In florida, alligators and crocodiles eat bald eagles.

Can a bald eagle eat a pig?

it depends lets say that the pig is very small of course the bald eagle will it the pig if the pig is very large the bold eagle cannot eat the pig