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Does a ball roll faster in the dirt as it does in the grass?


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The answer is: Of course not! I would imagine it depends on the particular dirt and the particular grass though.


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a ball rolls faster in grass because grass is sorter and dirt is harder and dirty

Varibles and controls for does a ball roll faster on grass or dirt

Neither. The ball rolls faster on cement, not grass, or dirt.

A ball will roll faster on carpet than grass or dirt because there are NO rocks or anything.

Dirt , assuming it is flat and dry . The answer depends upon the velocity of the ball and what resistance there is in either the dirt or grass .

It rolls faster on dirt because there is less friction on dirt to slow the ball down.

My answer is dirt I'd say dirt because the dirt is more flat than the dirt.Also,the grass has the leaves poped out so the ball will be faster on dirt......

Yes a ball roll is better on grass than dirt

Dirt if there are fewer rocks, the grass blades act as extra friction and counter movers for the ball whereas a dirt path would have only the normal amount of resistance.

A ball can go further on grass than dirt because in dirt there are some rocks that can stop the ball.

The reason a ball rolls farther on dirt is because the grass has more potenial than dirt because once you roll the ball really hard the ball will slow down on grass and the grass is sometimes standing up and the dirt doesn't have any thing to stop the ball the dirt is is flat unlike the grass.

because grass has more friction for ball to roll than dirt.

Grass makes a ball roll slower then it would on a dirt surface. This is because the long grass blades cause more friction on the ball slowing it down.

Dirt, because it has lesser resistance than grass

in short, there is less resistance to motion on packed dirt that in grass. The ball comes in contact with more matter as it moves over grass than it does when it roles over packed dirt.

There is less friction to slow the ball down

that would be cement... its smoother

wood because wood is a surface and when the ball rolls it gains speed to roll farther.

well, it is obvious that carpet would most likely win. the reason why is because it is the hardest surface. and it does not depent on the details. it depends, though, on the weight of the ball. if it is lighter, the ball would be faster and easier to use.

depends on the ball, big ball, small ball? Big ball would roll easier on carpet and grass, small ball would roll easily on carpet.

dirt because it has less resistance

Normally a ball rolls faster on dirt than grass. it also depends on the size of ball, speed at which it is realesed, surface of the dirt(for example if dust particles are bigger then there is more resistance, however they are random, so it depends on whether dust particles are recent fragments of the broken pebbles or just normal dust),and time period through which dust has formed. For grass it might depend on humidity, its size and type of field. This is more scientifical approach, but if anyone wants a straight answer they can just apply Comparing Grass and Dirt, Grass creats more obstacles because of its every single grassroutes while dust is more smother then grass.

Dry however... There are so many variables to deal with when talking about how the ball rolls. Usually dry grass will allow the ball to roll better but the length and type of grass can make a huge difference.

Concrete due to grass causing more friction on the ball, in addition, the longer the grass, the slower the ball moves.

a ball will roll faster on a smoth sement floor. this is because it is easier for the ball to move

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