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Susan, what state are you in?? Who was the lender?? Laws vary by state. email if you need too. Thanks
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Q: Does a bank or finance company have to tell you how much your repossessed car was sold for?
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If your truck is repossessed in Oklahoma is the finance company reqiured by law to get as much of the owed balance as possible.?

No. They will sell the truck at auction and it will bring what it will bring. You are then responsible for the balance.

How do you get your car back legally from the people who bought it?

It depends on what you mean. Do you mean from someone (a third party) who purchased your car from the finance company after the finance company repossessed it from you? If so, there's not really too much you can do other than find the person and make them and offer.

How much do you have to pay a month for the Evo?

Talk to your bank or finance company, it'll vary dramatically depending on your terms and credit rating :/

Once your car has been repossessed and sold in Ohio how can you find out how much it was sold for?

Usually you will get a sale letter from the finance company or bank letting you know where the car will be sold, at what auction, and once it is over they will send you a letter of how much the car sold for and the remainder they will send you a bill for. This is concerning a public auction of your vehicle. If it was sold privately by the dealership or whomever, the only thing to do is call and ask.

Can a car be repossessed for late fees we have never been late on the payment but got late fees?

If your payments are current, they're not coming to repossess your car. Trust me, the finance company would much rather have your money than your collateral (i.e., the car).

Can a leasing company consider it a repossession if you turn a leased car in early?

Yes when a leasing company regains control of an asset it is still considered a Repossession repossession is much easier in a lease agreement than it is in a finance agreement due to the fact that the asset is owned by the leasing company, in a finance agreement you control ownership and the bank only holds security in the asset.

If your car was repossessed is there a law stating how much a finance company can sue you for after it has sold the car?

Sure is, they can get a judgment for the balance due on the loan minus what the car sold for PLUS any fees incurred(repo,attorney,auction,ect.) It should be in the contract you signed.

Can you cash a check written to you by your insurance company for a car that was totaled but still has remaining payments on it to a finance company?

Sure you can, but you're still responsible for paying off the loan to the finance company. If the check will cover the pay-off, give it to the finance company. If it doesn't, give it to them, anyway. It'll reduce your debt by that much.

How much does a repossessed vehicle sale at action?

Truthfully a repossessed vehicle sells for what the bank is trying to get out of it and that is usually what is owed on the original loan and sometimes they will accept less for a number of reasons just to get rid of it and that would be damage to the vehicle, age and mileage.

Where are the headquarters of the company Finance Credit?

Finance Credit is a company that no longer operates, having gone bankrupt in 2002. There was much scandal over their closure, due to a criminal investigation into siphoning funds. The founders of the company are currently serving prison time, in Norway, where the company originated.

How do you have your car voluntarily repossessed?

The Correct :Most Finance Companies make this very difficult.1)Take the vehicle to the manufacturers nearest dealer for a service appointment. Leave the car there. Remember the Service Reps First and last name.2)Contact the finance company and let them know what dealership the vehicle is at.3)Notify the finance company that you would like to have your vehicle voluntarily repossessed and to pick it up directly from the dealer. Reference the Service Reps Name and write down the the customer service reps full name.4)You can ignore any further attempts to contact you by the finance company or dealership.5)Most finance companies(in California) will not seek deficiency judgement your credit however will be ruined for 3 years.The finance company has no reason to work with you if you can no longer afford to pay.You simply call the finance company and tell them that you are unable to pay for the car due to unforeseen circumstances and make arrangement for them to either pick the car up or ask where you should take the vehicle. I had voluntarily surrendered a car years ago and the Manufacturer made arrangements to pick up the car at my home.There were fees involved and they actually prorate your loan and you will be charged for a certain amount of the cars value. Even if the car is only 3 months old, it is now considered a used car and the finance company cannot sell it as if it were will have depreciated in value as much as 30%

What happens if you pay your car loan so it doesnt get repossessed but you dont have insurance?

Your car finance company will add their own insurance that covers their vehicle, but not your liability. ANd it will significantly increase your payments. It would be so much cheaper and better protection for you to find your own insurance. Park it until you get insurance.

Monique's previous credit card balance is 199.26 and she has a monthly finance charge of 1.5 How much will the credit card company assess in finance charges on this balance?


What happens to repossessed cars?

Repossessed cars are typically cleaned up and resold on a dealers lot. However, if the lienholder (the person who repossessed it) feels that it will cost too much to restore the vehicle to a sellable status, they will just put it in an auction and take whatever they can get for it. Repossessed cars are first examined fully to determine the remaining value of the car. If the car is suitable for repossession, it will be resold to another person for a discounted price.

What kind of credit is required for a ten thousand dollar loan?

Depends, The question becomes how much in terms of interest rate are you willing to spend?, also what are you willing to pledge as security? A loan of 10k from a consumer finance company could run you 25% or higher and a loan of like ammount through a bank could be at 10 to 12%. At any rate your credit scores for a finance company will need to be at least 580 and bank 680. Other factors can apply such as term etc. Also check out your credit union (if you belong)

How do you survive in software company without knowing much technical things?

yes, if you go into accounts , finance etc...

What happens to a person if they hide motorcycle that is being repossessed?

Nothing will happen to a person if they hid a motorcycle that is being repossessed. Eventually, the company that is trying to repossess will either give up or find you. They will use all tools at their disposal depending how much is owed at the time.

Qualifications for Employment as a Finance Controller?

There is no doubt that a finance controller has no choice but to be responsible with money. In addition, finance controllers must be mission oriented. The role of a finance controller changes a lot. This career often offers many different opportunities. For example, a finance controller typically has the opportunity to become the vice president of operations, the chief executive officer, and even the president of the company in question. Needed Qualifications for a Finance Controller The needed qualifications in order to become a finance controller typically depend on the company in question. If one wishes to become a finance controller for a small company, he or she usually needs a solid understanding of accounting principles. In addition, that person usually needs to work for that company for a long enough time. One good thing about being a finance controller for a small company is the fact that the CPA license is not exactly needed. However, this is only the case if the company has another person with a CPA who reviews all of the work that the finance controller does. For someone who wishes to become a finance controller for a large company, he or she needs to have a lot of public accounting experience and a CPA license. Many companies also look for men and women who have worked at accounting firms that include KPMG, PWC, Young and Deliotte, and Ernst. Between two and five years of accounting experience with a publicly traded company is also another major factor. Normal Compensation for a Finance Controller How much a finance controller makes with his or her annual salary and bonus usually depends on how large the company is. This is because a larger company typically has more to offer the experienced finance controller. The average finance controller for a larger company usually makes anywhere between one hundred thousand dollars and two hundred and twenty thousand dollars. This is an extremely large amount when compared to how much finance controllers who work for smaller companies make. A finance controller who works for a smaller company typically makes between sixty thousand dollars and ninety thousand dollars.

What names of companies that use oracle in Egypt?

Pretty much every company would use that os if it has to deal in finance.

What are the key activities of financial management?

The key activities of financial management are as follows:>Make as much profit as possible>Make sure the shareholders have as much money as one can>Estimate the whole amount of financial requirements of the company>Make sure owned finance and borrowed finance remain balanced>Improve well being for the company and set a good example>Have financial discipline to make sure finances are not being misused>Reduce costs and risks for the company and get a stable insurance as well>Set a balance between owned finance and borrowed finance

Are you likely to have to pay the balance if the finance company cannot get full amount for the repossessed car and how much does it hurt your credit?

The lilelihood is very good, almost certain, you will have a balance due after the sale. The only way they could get the full amount due is IF you had made a HUGE downpayment. You will have a repo and a judgment on your CR IF you don't pay any deficiency balance.

Can your car loan increase if sold to another finance company?

Absolutely ! The new company can pretty much charge what they like in interest on the outstanding balance - meaning your debt will be more..

How much will a finance company sell a HD motorcyle for after repossession and where will they sell it?

It will be sold at auction at a lower price than the dealer will sell it for.

Is it safer to finance through a bank than a car dealer?

Not only safer, but you are also likely going to get much lower interest rates if you choose a personal bank lender, rather than go with the dealer's lender.

Can timeshares be financed?

Certainly timeshares can be financed; the companies which sell them do it all the time. On the other hand, finding a lending institution, such as a bank, or some other lending institutition to finance the timeshare is sort of like trying to find a bank to finance a piece of real estate on the Moon. Timeshares are profoundly illiquid. Purchasing a timeshare interst is easy; selling it is much more difficult. Getting some company other than the company which originally sold it to the buyer to finance the purchase is really difficult. (Obviously, the paper can be transfered to another company which basically collectes for the probable original vendor.) There are rare cases where timeshares are being financed. Usually, owners look for lending institutions to financed their timeshares. Yes, it can be financed. Some owners go to banks if they have a good credit history.