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Not always. The color of the hair on your head does not have to match the rest of your body hair.

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Q: Does a blond girl have blond pubic hair?
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Do blond males have ash blond pubic hair?

I am 20 years old. I have blond hair on my head. My pubic hair is much darker than the hair on my head, best described as an ash color. I do think it is more common for blond hair men to have darker colored pubic hair, but definitely not a given.

Can you get blond pubic hair?

i have blond hair,too.i don't have armpit or leg hair that's black

What color are a blond persons pubic hairs?

If they have blond hair on their head, then they have blonde hair everywhere.

How long does it take for pubic hair to turn black?

Not all pubic hair is black. It can be blond or red or brown.

Pubic hair or non on a woman?

yes women have pubic and even if ur blonde all pubic hair is black

Do a blond person has blond Pubic hair?

No Some do and some don't, it really depends on the genes. When I was around twelve, my pubic hair was blonde, but around 13 it started to change into a dark brown.

Why are pubic hair and armpit hair black?

Because if they were blond they would get stained brown and that is gross.

Why American women pubic hair is blond?

Probably the selection of women you are choosing.

Is pubic hair the same on everyone?

no, some pubic hair are short crules and other are more straght. also some are red, some are blond, or brown or even black.

What color is Alyson stoner pubic hair?

it is reddish blond roots and very curly not he same color as her hair now

Can you make a meaningful sentence using the word blond?

that girl has blond hair

How do you spell blond as in blond hair?

Blond": refers to as the color, whether it is blond hair or blond paper eg. The man has blond hair. Blonde": is used as a noun for a woman or girl with blond hair; sometimes used in a sexist way or slang terms eg. That blonde is beautiful.

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