Does a broken foot always hurt?

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Yes, all broken bones are painful.

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Q: Does a broken foot always hurt?
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Do broken bones always hurt?

yes they always hurt badly

Does it hurt when you break your foot?

I've never broken my foot before, but I'm pretty sure it would hurt.

Can you walk on a broken foot?

Yes, but it should hurt. I once walked on a broken foot I thought was a sprained ankle for 3 weeks. Also you should probably not walk on a broken foot until the cast has been set.

Does it hurt to walk after getting the cast off your broken foot?

No, then why did you take it off. they make sure that the foot or leg is fully recovered so it will not hurt when you take it off.

Does smoking prolong healing of a broken foot?

Smoking does hurt your immune system and can prolong healing.

How do you tell if your foot is broken bruised or fractured?

It will hurt BADLY if it's broken or fractured. Try not to walk on it then. If iit's bruised, then dont touch it.

What do you do if a baby dove has a hurt possibly broken foot?

Have it sent to a vet. Or it will die from pain and suffering. Thats what i did to mine.

How do you know when you break your foot?

If you have broken your foot you will not be able to move it and it will hurt terribly. If you can move it but it hurts then it's just a nasty sprain, I reconmend going to hospital to get an xray.

Has Justin Bieber ever been hurt?

yes, he broke his leg on stage performing a song and continued the song with his broken foot

Do skater get hurt to where they can't skate anymore?

well if you hurt you leg or foot yeah well if you hurt you leg or foot yeah well if you hurt you leg or foot yeah

When was No Hurt Like a Broken Heart created?

No Hurt Like a Broken Heart was created in 2006.

Does it hurt to break your foot?

Fractures HURT, end of story. Also, they don't always heal quite as they should and may well leave you with remaining discomfort.

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