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It is most likely decay, but it could be something else. The only way to know is to see a dentist. The brown spot is most likey not caused by antibiotics. Those type should not be given anymore. And they normally affect the adult teeth and all of them, not just one. It is possible that it's decay and will need to be filled. If it is decay, then their are probably other teeth that have decay also. A front tooth usually gets a cavity after the back teeth. But if the child goes to bed with a bottle or cup or even on the breast a lot, it could be decay from that. The only thing in a bottle that won't cause a cavity it plain water. Juice, milk, formula, breast milk; all of that may cause a cavity. Bottom line, the child should be taken to a dentist to be sure if it is or isn't and fixed if it is.

I once had a cat who had brown discoloration on his teeth, and the vet told me that was because he had probably been given tetracycline as a kitten, before I got him.

Yes it is tooth decay.

Yes it can be caused by antibiotics because the medicine and cause an imbalance in the calcium / phosphorous metabolism.

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Q: Does a brown spot on a tooth of a 24 month old mean decay and could it be caused by antibiotics she was given?
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Yes. In fact, microorganisms are the primary cause of tooth decay.

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Tooth decay is caused by too much sugar in food and drinks. It is also caused by microorganisms from food. They live in your mouth, the longer they stay, the more tooth decay!

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Tooth decay is caused by acidity and bacterial growth. Rapid tooth decay miGht be caused by an increase in consumption of sugars (which increase bacterial growth) or strong acids (like citrus juice). The dry mouth rounds in methamphetamine users might also increase tooth decay. However, without these conditions, tooth decay is non-existent so long as a person eats a healthy diet and brushes their teeth.

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