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Only if u want the bubbles to stay together otherwise no its not

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Q: Does a bubble solution have glycerin?
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Which kind of glycerin is used for bubble solution?

Here is a store online that sells specifically for bubble [related link].

What are in bubbles?

Bubble solution is made from water, soap, and glycerin. Here's a recipe to make it at home: How to Make Homemade Bubble Solution

Are there any substitutes for glycerin?

If you use the bubble blowing solution use karo syrup

How does adding glycerin to a bubble solution affect the kind of bubbles it makes?

Glycerin is a type of sugar and makes particles expand more with oxygen, making a bigger bubbleANS2:Glycerin added to the soap solution slows evaporation so the soap film stays intact longer. That allows you to fill it with more air before the bubble pops.

Why are bubbles clear?

The color pigments in bubble bath or bubble magic do not bind to the bubble forming product, glycerin ;It separates as the bubble forms and stays in the solution.because they just are.

Can you use corn starch instead of glycerin when making homemade bubble solution?

You can use corn syrup instead of glycerin. Click on the related links for many recipes for home made bubble solutions.

Will glycerin make a bubble last longer?

glycerin is the main ingredient in bubble soaps and other soaps, it is what holds a bubble together. yes.

How do you make bubbles last longer?

you make bubbles last longer by putting corn syrup or glycerin into the bubble solution.

Why does glycerin make a bubble last longer?

The thickness of the glycerin helps the bubbles to be strong and last longer than a normal soap bubble will.

Does the amount of soap or glycerin in a bubble affect how long a bubble lasts?


What are the effects of glycerin on soap bubbles?

Glycerin increases the "strength" of the structure of the soapy water that forms the bubble's surface. That's why when we make up our own soap solution to blow bubbles, we include some glycerin. The makers of commercial bubble blowing soap do it, and so can we.

What is another use for liquid hand dishwashing detergent-besides washing dishes?

If you add some water and glycerin, you get home-made bubble solution.

Is tannic acid and glycerin soluble in camphor solution?

It is! You just have to heat the glycerin!

Does the amount of glycerin affect the size of bubbles?

yes it actually does because glycerin is thick and tough and the glycerin evaporate the water slower making the bubble last longer. when they bubble is in high temperature in a closed space or room and if the bubbles are also in a jar, they can and they will last much longer.

Is there any substitute for glycerin?

If using for a bubble blowing solution: Karo Syrup ( hydroxyethylcellulose is what is used in the "catch-a-bubbles) If using for baking: Vegetable oil If you are trying to thicken hand soap add borax

How do you take a bubble bath?

bubble bath solution + running water = bubble bath

Does bubble yum have asprtin?

Bubble Yum is a bubble gum that is made by the Hershey Company. It does not contain Aspartame. It contains sugar, gum base, corn syrup, glycerin, artificial color and flavor, and BHT.

Which one of these ingredients make bubble last longer salt sugar oil vinegar or glycerin?


Is bubble tea a solution?


What website helps you find you information about which bubble mixture makes the longest lasting bubbles?

This one. Doctor Z's super secret bubble formula for long lasting bubbles: 1 part Dawn dishwashing soap 1 part water glycerin (considerably less of this) We used to use this mixture for chemistry demos; regular bubble solution didn't last long enough to be useful.

What makes a soap bubble last longer?

If you want to make you bubbles last longer, just add glycerin! The thickness of the glycerin makes the bubble strong and helps it last longer than a normal soap bubble will. Check out this website: This website tells you how to make the bubbles and gives you one great science fair project!!

Does glycerin make bubbles last longer?

Yes. It helps make the bubble thick and strong so that it can last longer.

Why does glycerin make bubbles stronger?

Good question. The glycerine helps the soap bubble lose water more slowly.

To test if a gas is carbon dioxide you bubble it through a special solution what is the solution?


Is bubble bath a colloid solution or suspension?