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Answerbulimics drink what ever, but yes its usually water, once they feel like binging they drink something sweet like a tea or Diet Soda, i drink coffee when ever i crave for something very unhealthy AnswerNo bulimics drink whatever they want but usually diet drinks since they have an eating disorder. Yes people with bulimia try to drink a lot of water because vomiting dehydrates them but that's not all they drink. AnswerNo bulimics eat all they want, and then puke it all up. It's sick and unhealthy, don't try it. AnswerFirst of all,the above answer was obviously written by someone ignorant to the disorder. Bulimics dont "eat all they want and puke it up",it's a mental disorder uncontrollable by the person.I am bulimic,and no they dont just drink water.its usually diet pop,low calorie drinks like Crystal Light,or fruit juice low cal. I dont recommend being bulimia to lose weight though since its self destuctive behavior is a hard cycle to break.Do it healthily while you can.And if you're not familiar with eating disorders,refrain from posting your ignorance on this page!!!!
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Q: Does a bulimic only drink water?
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