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All car ac's work like most any other ac. I don't know of any car ac's that work like heat pumps that both heat and cool. Every car I have seen provides heat thru a heating core which is heated from the water circulated from the engine. , EzForJesus

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What are the difference between function and operation?

Function is the purpose of something. Operate is how something works.

What is the verb of operation?

The verb of operation is operate.As in "to operate on something".An example sentence is "we need to operate on his tumour".Or "can you operate the forklift?"

What is answer of Operate in abstract noun?


What is the abstract noun for operate?

The noun form of the verb to operate is operation (a process, or a surgical procedure).

What is the noun form of operate?

The noun forms of the verb to operate are operator, operation, operand, and the gerund, operating.

What if your house thermostat has no power?

Since the thermostat controls the heating and cooling systems in your house, neither would be able to function. In other words, you wouldn't be able to get central heating or central air in your house. Most mechanical thermostats do not need power to operate. They are based on the change in shape of a metal strip to open and close a switch. You still need power for pumps etc.

What verb can be formed from operation?

Operate. I can operate that very simple machine.

What is the root word of operation?


What does COOP stand for?

CO-OP (Co-Operation (Operate)) To operate together

How do you operate your cooling system in your house?

Turn it on with thermostat

The blower on a cooling tower will operate whenever the centrifugal pump is on?


What is the significance of compressibility factor?

at what pressure you operate your gas line or Gas turbine then at what pressure you pay your gas bill gas haet value at standard condition is diffent from heating value at operation condition

What does Boolean operators mean?

operater Means Operate the function its doing similar operate. If Add + is the operater in the function, K,

What are the duties and responsibilities of a operation manager of a transport service?

first operate yourself then operate your company then family.

How do you spell function?

That is the correct spelling of "function" (a purpose or operation).Function: noun:The purpose or role that an object or a person fulfills or is suited for.A formal social gathering or ceremony.The function of a policeman is to serve and protect their community.The dinner at the function consisted of steak, mashed potatoes and okra.Function: verb:To run or operate, especially in a way that is normal or desired.The switch has to be turned on in order for the computer to function.

Is function an adjective?

No, function is a noun, or a verb (to function, to operate). There are adjective forms functioning and functional.

What words contain the root word op?

Operation Operate Co-Operate Opulence Optimal Oppression Optometrist Optic

Function of operational manger?

to manage and operate

What is the synonym for function?

Work, use, operate

Does Lafarge Canada operate on Manitoulin Island?

Yes They have an operation in Meldrum Bay

Describe the analysis stage of a sdlc?

Sldc is a operation that can be operate each other

Should the outside fan of an HVAC unit turn on when the heat cycle is on or does it only operate when in the AC cycle?

the fan on the condesenig unit (out side part) of a hvac system will only run when you are in the cooling cycle, unless you have a heatpump , then it will run in the heating cycle also

What is operate noun-forming suffix?

The verb to operate becomes a noun by adding the suffix -or (operator), -ion (operation), and -ing (operating).

What is difference between circuit breakers and fuses?

Fuses and circuit breakers are both overcurrent protection devices, which will disconnect a circuit in the event of a prolonged overload current or in response to a short circuit.Fuses operate due to the heating effect of an electric current, by melting in response to the overcurrent. The speed of operation depends on the level of overcurrent.Circuit breakers operate due to both the heating effect and the magnetic effect of an electric current. The heating effect protects against overload currents, and the magnetic effect protects against short-circuit currents.

What is the purpose of slave cylinder?

The slave cylinder function operates from hydraulic pressure received from the master cylinder when applied. In automotive hydraulics the slave cylinder can operate such functions as the brakes, clutch or any hydraulic operation.