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Does a circuit breaker need to be replaced if it will not go back to the on position after it trips and is switched to off?

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2015-07-15 18:39:55
2015-07-15 18:39:55

Not necessarily, you may have a genuine fault on the circuit that needs attention...

First thing to do is unplug and disconnect everything on that circuit and try again. If it then resets properly, one of the items you've disconnected is faulty.

With the trip reset (power on), plug in each item one by one and see if it trips again. Whatever you are plugging in when it trips is more than likely the faulty item.

The likely suspects are usually Washing Machines, Dish Washers, Kettles, cookers and Microwaves.

It could be fault, but better to be safe than sorry and check the circuit first.

If not entire sure what you are doing, get a qualified electrician to look at it.

If the trip does need replacing get a qualified electrician to do it!

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The need to de energize the circuit the breaker is feeding is a cause to have a circuit breaker switched off. If you are referring to a breaker tripping off, the cause would be from an overload condition being applied to the circuit, the breaker sensing it and shutting the circuit off.

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A circuit breaker must be reset to ON after a short circuit but does not need to be replaced. It depends on the type of CB. A fuse is also a circuit breaker and it needs to be replaced after a short circuit. Relayed circuit breakers have to be "picked up" after a dropout and need not be replaced as such.

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If the circuit breaker is in the off position there is no need of overload protection. Overload protection monitors the load amperage, If there is no amperage through the circuit there is nothing to monitor.

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A fuse must be replaced if blown, a circuit breaker can be reset.

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