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Yes, the cosigner is partly responsible for the car. Therefor they can take equal ownership or ask that you refinance in your own name so they are no longer liable if you default on a payment. Remember, missing payments will hurt both of your credit histories so they have a right to protect their reputation. * A cosigner has no legal right to any property unless his or her name is on the title, nor can a cosigner force someone to refinance a loan without taking the person to court and receiving a court order directing the primary borrower to take such action.

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Q: Does a co-signer have the right to take away the car or ask for you to refinance only in your name because you broke up?
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If the cosigner has had possession of vehicle 15 months paying the payments does the primary have the right to the vehicle?

will primary on a auto loan have right to the vehicle if cosigner has been paying loan for 15 months and has possession of vehicle will primary on a auto loan have right to the vehicle if cosigner has been paying loan for 15 months and has possession of vehicle

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I just bought a new car but two days later the dealership called and said i need a cosigner I found one and they have very good credit should my APR and monthly payment go down with a cosigner?

No because you applied for the loan with YOUR credit. For whatever reason (you have the right to find out why) the dealership decided you were too big of a risk to be granted the loan you requested. The purpose of the cosigner is that in case you mess up your cosigner will be responsible for the loan.

Can the cosigner sell the house if his name is not on the deed and the primary borrower has missed 3 payments?

No. If you are not on the deed, you can't sell the property. The only "right" you have as a cosigner is the obligation to make the payments.

Im a primary borrower on a loan n i had2 have a cosigner to get my car. i have made several payments on my carnthe cosigner had told me tht he had the car sold hes now got the not makein payments?

Something is not right here. If you are the primary, then why is the cosigner making payments and why does the cosigner have possession of the vehicle? The is back-wards of what it should be. And why in the world would you put the cosigners name on the title? You have a mess on your hands, because you went about this all wrong. You need to contact a lawyer ASAP.

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Does a co-signer have right to the vehicle after it is paid off?

The cosigner has equal right to the vehicle whether it is paid off or not.

Does a cosigner have the right to take possession of the car when the primary borrower has made all the payments and has not defaulted on the loan?

No, a cosigner has no legal rights to a vehicle unless his or her name appears on the vehicle title.

How long does a company have to inform a cosigner that the borrower is in default in payment?

It is their legal right to never inform you and simply allow your credit deteriorate. It is your job as the cosigner to make sure the contract is up-to-date.

What are the rules for equity loan refinance in the UK?

The rules for equity loan refinance in the UK are that consumers have a right to cancer a equity loan up to three days after signing a contract for an equity loan. This new rule is called the right of rescission.

What are the rights of borrowers when the cosigner is considering a lawsuit to force them to take a second mortgage so the cosigner can recover money paid because the mortgage was defaulted on?

The cosigner has the right to file a lawsuit against the primary borrower's to recover his or her financial losses due to the defaulted lending agreement. The procurement of a second mortgage does not seem viable if the primary borrower's credit was not originally sufficient for them to obtain the loan without the need of a cosigner. It is more likely the house will have to be forfeited by means of foreclosure and the cosigner will have to try to recover losses by other means. The primary borrower's best choice is to obtain legal advice as to what their options are before a lawsuit is filed against them.

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Can you refinance if your loan is upside down?

turn it right side up stupid, everyone knows that.

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How can you borrow money against a home you own outright?

You mortgage the home. The process is similar to a refinance, but you do not have a lender that will be paid off. Therefore it is automatically a "cash out" refinance mortgage.

Can a cosigner take the vehicle even if no payments are late?

NO! He is only guaranteeing the loan. He has no legal right to take the car.

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How can you be a cosigner if the title is in the name of the person you cosigned for?

Many people cosign a loan for property they don't own. Many are uninformed of the consequences of cosigning. They don't realize they are agreeing to be completely responsible for a loan for property that belongs to someone else. If the primary borrower defaults on the loan and the cosigner must make the payments, the cosigner has no automatic right to the property.

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Can someone be a cosigner for an apartment if they live in another state?

Whether or not an apartment complex would allow someone from another state to become a cosigner would be up to them to decide. They have the right to set their own rules in regards to who would be allowed to cosign.

When in the state of PA if one party cosigns for the vehicle and the cosignee divorces a daughter can the cosigner repo the car if there is suuficient proof that the ex-son in law has lost a job?

I'm sure you won't like this answer, but only the lender can repossess the collateral. If the cosigner is also a co-owner and listed on the title, he could insist on taking his turn driving the car. But essentially, the only right a cosigner has is the "right" to make the payments if the primary borrower does not.

When a loan is in default does the lender have to notify the cosigner?

When a loan is in arrears (past due), the creditor has the legal right to contact the cosigner unless the loan is included in bankruptcy. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act states this fact. The sole purpose of a cosigner/guarantor is to guarantee the loan, hence it is likely if no payment arrangements have been made by one, they will collect from the other.

If the borrower cannot make the payments but the cosigner does can the mortgage company still take the house?

Not if the cosigner has been making the payments on time. But often the cosigner doesn't know the loan is in default until it is past due 30 days or more, so if you have received two or three (depends on state laws) Right To Cure Default letters, the bank can foreclose.