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you need to do a Google search for fair debt collection act that will tell you all you need to know

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What is the cardholders statement of account?

The cardholders statement of account is the itemized list of charges that have occurred for the month. This will also include payments for that account.

How do you request for bank statement?

You contact (call, write, email) the bank where you hold the account and ask for a statement of your account. Some banks charge a fee for this service so don't forget to ask about any charges to get a statement.

If payment of the full amount of undisputed charges to your travel charge card bill is not received and posted by the bank 61 calendar days from the closing date on the statement of account what will?

An account may be suspended if payment of the full amount of undisputed charges is not received and posted by the bank 61 calendar days from the closing date on the statement of account.

Can you sue a company for sending your account to collection when you dispute the charges?

Perhaps. More details would be needed to give a definitive answer.

Can a collection agency charge fees or interest in new jersey?

Collection agencies can't add charges. Fees and interest charged to your account are per the terms of your contract with the creditor.

Can a collection agency attorney press charges against you from another state and threaten to take you to court?

I would keep in mind the following rule: 1. Collection agencies lie. Having said that, pay your debts.

Can a collection agency file criminal charges for a bad check?

Can a collection agency file charges for a bad check

Is sent by the bank regularly listing checks and deposits processed by the bank as well as charges and credits to an account?

That would be a Bank Statement

Who decides if charges will be filed or dropped?

The Prosecuting Attorney. They may be known as the District Attorney or Commonwealth's Attorney.

Who formally charges a suspect?

The District Attorney formally charges all suspects.

Can the state or district attorney pick up charges if the person refuses to press them?

Criminal charges are not pressed by an individual, they are always pursued by the state. Only the state or district attorney can press charges.

Who determines if charges are filed?

The District Attorney

Can a person drop charges before going to court?

A person does not control the charges. Charges are controlled by the prosecuting attorney.

What is shown on a customer statement?

Typical components on a Customer Statement: Date of Statement Customer Name & Address Customer Number/Account Number Detail of charges for the month (or other period) such as: date of invoice, invoice number, invoice amount. Beginning Balance Current Charges Payments Received Balance Due (Current and Past Due)

Accompanying the bank statement was a debit memorandum for bank service charges what entry is required in the depositor's account?

increase cash, increase accounts payable

A statement that shows finance charges is called?

Truth in lending statement

Is statement an adverb?

No it is not. The word statement (a declaration, or a list of charges) is a noun.

Are you still liable for a debt after a credit card company charges off your account?

Yes, a charge off does not mean a debt is invalid nor uncollectible. The term is used by creditors to indicate a debt that they believe is not collectible under normal procedures and they are clearing the debt from their books for taxation and operational purposes. The OC will then refer (or sell) the debt to a collection agency or collection attorney for further action.

If you file a report for domestic violence can you cancel?

Unfortunately, once you have made the report, it cannot just be canceled. If you are trying to get the prosecuting attorney to drop the charges, you can contact the attorney and see if they are willing to drop the charges. However, even if you want the charges dropped, the prosecuting attorney has the discretion to decide to drop the charges and decide not to prosecute the case.

How can you drop charges against someone?

You cannot file charges and you cannot drop charges only the states attorney/prosecutor can. You can request that they drop the charges but the charges are state charges and only the state can drop them.

When a DD Form 362 Statement of Charges Cash Collection Voucher has been completed the original is retained by?

A copie is retained by the supply, one to PBO, one to the soldier, one to finance.

Can a collection agencies add addtional charges to debt?

Yes.Collection agencies can add "administrative fees" and late-payment charges. It all depends on the agency of course...

What does chg mean on a bank statement?


Can the accuser of harassment charges drop the charges?

Yes, but that doesn't mean that the local district attorney has to drop the case. Once it's filed, it's the district attorney that decides.

If an attorney refuses your case are the charges dropped?

Not unless the attorney in the case is the prosecuting attorney (The State). Even then, a complainant may take the case to either another venue with jurisdiction, or to an higher prosecutor. However, charges are never dropped if a defense attorney refuses to take the case.