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No you can Take them to court

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Q: Does a company have the right to fire a child for having to leave for 6 weeks due to court ordered custody?
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Can the mother of your child deny you from seeing that child?

Not if the person has a court ordered custody agreement. If no visitation/custody order is in place, it is at the discretion of the person who has custody of the child.

Do you have to pay child support if you have primary custody in California?

Fathers are frequently ordered to do so there, despite having primary custody. see link below

How long do you have custody of a child?

As long as your court-ordered custody, not a day more. Not a day less.

Do I lose custody of my child if I remarry my child's mother after having sole custody?

When married you have equal rights to the child.

If you are married who has custody of the child?

both until court ordered otherwise

Can you gain sole custody of a child by receiving child support?

Depends on circumstances. A single mother has a presumption of sole custody at the time of the birth of the child. Where married parents are separated, there is a presumption of joint physical custody whether or not support is ordered.

If you are a teen parent can you still collect child support?

Yes, either from the other teen parent, or the teen's parents, which can be either the teen mother or father, depending on which has court ordered custody. Child support may not be ordered if the teen parent has joint physical custody, which is best for the child.

Do you still have to pay child support if you have joint physical and legal custody of your child in MS?

If it's ordered by the court, yes.

What is the definition for Florida offense code 0784.03.1A1?

This seems to be interfering with court ordered child custody.

Having the total custody of a child Can a stepfather become the legal guardian of a child?


If a mother gets her child taken from drug abuse. What rights does the father have if he does not live with her and no custody is court ordered?

Even with a custody award, if the child is in state care, his chances are 15% in getting the child. see links below

In ms can mother be awarded child support with joint physical custody?

Even sole custody fathers can be ordered to pay child support, when they earn more than the mother. see links

If no custody agreement made but the mother is ordered to pay child support she has taken the child out of state wont bring her back. school is staring back up and the child is not home. Anyone help?

If child support was ordered, there's a presumption of custody, though you need it clarified in order to file an interference with custody charge. See link below for Dads House for more possibilities on what to do. We will need the states involved.

What legal right do have if the mother is receiving child support for a child that is not in her care?

If you are the father, file for custody. As for the child support, until custody is decided, request the payment be sent to whomever has the child, plus that the mother be ordered to pay. see links below

Can dad change custody order to an equal shared parental responsibility and pay no child support?

The child support amount would depend on the difference in income. Even sole custody fathers are ordered to pay child support.

What is the difference between having full cusody and having primary custody?

Full custody is defined as one parent of a child having sole control over a minor child with the other having no custodial rights. Primary custody means that both parents share custody (also known as joint custody) but the primary custodian is the parent that the child spends most fo their time with/lives with on a regular basis. In other words, the parent that is not the primary custodian is the one that has the visitation rights.

Who has custody of child if parents never married in Florida and the child already lives with you?

When a parent does not have court ordered custody papers..any parent can have thr chilld...EX if the father takes him and doesn't want to return them well there is nothing you can do...if you call the police..they want a copy of the court ordered custody papers to remove the child from the non custodial parent....protect yourself get court ordered children were take by their father...i had no choice but to wait it out till he decided to return them...I did not have custody papers and nothing could be done since he was the father

Is it possible to get the child custody records from when you were a child?

Yes, it is possible. You should visit or call the family court where the custody was ordered. You can obtain copies of any court orders as long as the case is still on file.

Does the losing side in a child custody case pay for court fees?

No, usually the father is ordered to pay.

Can father get custody if he does not pay court ordered child support?

Support and custody are two different issues. While it doesn't bode favorably as far as custody is concerned if the parent is a deadbeat, it doesn't automatically preclude them from obtaining custody if they can prove that in doing so, it would be in the best interests of the child.

Judge wouldn't fix incorrect child support ordered what next?

Wait two years and modify. An incorrect amount is interpretive, as sole custody father are still ordered to pay child support.

Can a husband who didn't pay child support to his first wife get custody of the child of his second wife during divorce?

There are various reasons for not paying, including not being ordered to, however it is not a consideration in determining the best interest of the child in a custody case.

What options do you have in gaining custody of your child from his mother that is on drugs?

You need to find legal proof that the mother is unfit to have custody of the child, drug testing and home inspections can be ordered resulting in the decision that a parent is unfit. Remember to stay within the law while trying to get legal custody of the child and always do what you feel is in the best interest of the child.

Can a man who is paying child support for one child to another woman sue his other child's mother for child support?

If he has custody or possession of the child in question. It's not likely to be awarded, and only 5% pf those ordered to do so pay anything. That works out to 1 out of 1000 custodial fathers get paid. They can also be ordered to pay even with sole custody.see link

Can your ex get your kids just because he does not want to pay child support?

First, it is an Urban Myth that fathers go for custody to avoid paying child support. First, who would support the children while in his custody? Less then 15% of mothers are ordered to pay, and depending on circumstances, the custodial father is often still ordered to pay child support.