Citizenship and Marriage

Does a costa rican become an American citizen if they marry an American?


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No they do not become an American citizen. My mom was an imagrant and she had to take a test about the united states and passed , then she is a residence .So you have to take a test to become a citizen of the united states.

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If you marry your British boyfriend, he does not automatically become an American citizen, and you do not automatically become a British citizen. You both have the right to live in each other's country, but you must file paperwork to do so. Citizenship is not automatic.

my wish is to one day live in the US but i wouldn't Marry and American just to become a citizen as much as i mite want to. I have morals.

Marrying him allows him to stay. You'll have to find a state that allows same sex marriage. I dont believe there is anything special that needs to be done for a cuban.

all you have to do is make sure she has a visa to be in the united states and marry her once she is there. after that she will be allowed to stay in America as long as she needs to get through the naturalizatoin process.

If I Marry An Illegal From Mexico Can He Become A Citizen

if a American citizen wants to marry a bahamian citizen then you can marry accroding to American law or bahamian law............ after obtaning the NOC from the concerned embassey.........please give me religion of both the party of marriage to provide any specific answers........... regards jai'9868566649 mobile India delhi

Yes! A USA. citizen can marry an undocumented citizen or illegal alien.

To marry an American Citizen you must fist establish the relationship. Study your partner and propose after you are comfortable with her attitude.

You just become eligible to apply for green card sponsor by your spouse.

you can marry a citizen a citizen but after that you can straitly become a citizen if you werent born here you have to take a history and government test and learn how to speak enlish read enlish and write enlish

i believe you have to be a legal resident for 5 yrs before you can apply for a citizenship

yes, if you become a citizen of ANTARTICA and you also have to marry your mom.

the simplest way is to marry a canadian citizen

they have to aleast have been maried to a us citizen for 3 or more years in order to become a us citizen!

No. You need to begin the process of naturalization to become a Mexican citizen.

Marry an American, born in the United States, serve in the military, and become naturalized.

You have to apply for a green card or marry a U.S. Citizen

no, just take a citizen test. no marriage required

If you are an American citizen and you marry outside the U.S., the U.S. will always find out.

I believe that you're guaranteed a citizenship when you marry a citizen, but being an illegal complicates the matter.

Yes but the American citizen has to file a petition for the immigrant.

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