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Yes, all reputable lenders will require the applicant to clear any outstanding judgments before considering approval of a loan.

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Q: Does a credit card judgment not allow you to refinance your house because you have a judgment from Citibank and the Loan Officer is telling you that you have to pay this off first?
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Can you refinance if you are currently in a forbearance agreement?

Yes, if your credit score is pretty decent (550 or so). In fact, it's probably better to refinance than to enter into a forebearance agreement because you will be in default if you miss even one payment and the mortgage company may secure a default judgment against you WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE!

How can one make sure to get the best refinance rate?

To get the best refinance rate try to refinance at a lower rate because mortgage rates are falling. But there is a cost to refinance so it might end up costing you more.

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yes because you will be morgaged.

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How can a person get a refinance mortgage?

An individual can get a refinance mortgage on their house by applying from one. Not everyone would be accepted though because their are some qualifications.

What are the benefits of an online Citibank account?

Citibank is one of the world's leading banks. There are many many branches across the world. Online banking with Citibank is beneficial to people because one does not always have the time to visit a bank in person. Doing the banking online will help save time.

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Has citibank been having any problems?

Not as much as many others because of their mortgage policy.

Am I legally allowed to refinance my home mortgage after filing bankruptcy?

You can legally refinance if you choose to, there are no restrictions from the bankruptcy. With that, you may find that lenders will not approve your loan because of the bankruptcy.

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Is it easy to refinance an auto loan?

Getting a refinance auto loan can be hard or easy for some people, because it depends on your credit status. If your credit score has improved since your last car purchase, you have great chance of getting approved for a refinance auto loan.

How do I find out about FHA refinance loans?

FHA loans are for people who are buying homes that have low incomes. To get a refinance option it would need to be a regular loan because FHA is already as low as it will get.

What are the factors involved in the judge approving a mortgage refinancing after a bankruptcy?

All you have to do is submit a request to refinance to the trustee. The lawyer stands nothing to gain. They would rather you refinance because they know they will get their money.

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Is cosigning on a mortgage going to affect my refinance?

Yes, because it affects your debt to asset ratio.

How early can you refinance a house?

6 months sorry if i got it wrong because i just guesed

Will a judgment prevent a reverse mortgage?

only if its a federal judgment or a judgment in the state in which you want the reverse mortgage. if its a judgment out of state and has not been domesticated in your state then the answer is no. if the out of state judgment cannot be domesticated in your state because of statute of limitations or repose, then you should be okay.

How to Refinance the Right Way?

Working to figure out if a refinance is right for you is a great idea. You always want to check this kind of thing because you never know when you might be stepping right into a trap. Therefore, you need to use a mortgage refinance calculator to figure out exactly how much any particular type of refinance is going to save you. If it is not much money at all, then there may be little point to even taking the time to even get the refinance in the first place. Always keep that in mind. Get to work running the figures for yourself today.

In the state of Texas what happens after a default judgment?

A default judgment is nothing more than a judgment obtained because defendant did not show up for court. In Texas, when a default judgment is entered, the petitioner gets all that they have asked for.

Can you lose your house because of a judgment against you?


Is it free to refinance a home?

Typically it is not free to refinance your home. There are fees from the bank and if you use a broker they will have fees also. However there are instances where a bank might waive their refinancing fees either because the government has mandated that banks do this for certain customers, or because the bank wants to keep you as a customer.

Will a community development grant for your mother's home repairs affect her ability to refinance her home?

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