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Does a divorced Baptist man need an annulment to marry a Catholic in the Catholic Church?


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A divorced Baptist male may or may not need an annulment of his prior marriage from the Catholic Church in order to marry a Catholic in the Catholic Church. Although Baptists are able to re-marry after divorce, Catholics may divorce but may not re-marry unless the sacrament of the first marriage has been declared null. If the divorced Baptist did not have a valid Christian marriage (that is, one spouse was not a validly baptized Christian, or the ceremony was not Christian, then the annulment process is much simpler - but any prior marrriages still need to be declared null). If the first marriage was a valid Christian ceremony, then the couple desiring a marriage in the Catholic church will have to go through the 'formal' annulment process which takes considerably longer and is very thorough but very worthwhile if you love this person. The Catholic person cannot enter into a valid marriage unless this is done.