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A drug overdose does not break a life insurance policy.

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Q: Does a drug overdose break a life insurance policy?
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Can you have a life insurance policy if you were a drug addict?

you can get life insurance , but if you die of a drug overdose, then they will discontinue your contract.and you will get nothing .

Does life insurance pay for accidental drug overdose?

The answer is in the negative and the insurance company is not liable to pay for accidental drug overdose.

Will the spouse get paid from the life insurance if it was a illegal drug overdose?

No. If it was an accidental overdose, maybe.

Does an illegal drug overdose cancel a life insurance policy?

Generally no. Was the person a drug user when the policy was taken out? Was it admitted on the application? No. The only exception would be if the policy was in the first two years and the person lied about drug use when the policy was obtained. If it is beyond two years, or the person did not lie at the time, and the premiums have been paid, the policy is in effect.

Does insurance pay for drug overdose?

If , it's life insurance then NO. Than you have accidentally overdose (not intend-it). Then a autopsy should be preformed. But if its health insurance , Then YES they will pay the hospital bill.

Does an insurance policy pay accidental death benefits if death is caused by an accidental drug overdose?

If they were legal prescribed medications then they normally will after an investigation. If they were narcotics, then no. I agree with the first contributor, as a rule policy documents supplied at the outset of the policy, and sometimes before the policy commences state in clear terms that drug abuse is an exclusion.

Does an insurance policy pay death benefits when death is caused by a drug overdose?

As long as it was inforce longer than 2 years. That's when the suicide clause runs out. Was there drug abuse prior? Was it admitted on the application? Fraud?

Why did Marilyn Monroe die at age 36?

Her cause of death was indicated as a drug overdose.Her cause of death was indicated as a drug overdose.Her cause of death was indicated as a drug overdose.Her cause of death was indicated as a drug overdose.Her cause of death was indicated as a drug overdose.Her cause of death was indicated as a drug overdose.

What drug can you die from overdose?

every drug can kill you from overdose

Can you overdose on etodolac?

You can overdose on any drug

How many people died of drug overdose?

Alot of people died of drug overdose.

Can a drug addict get life insurance?

It's highly unlikely any company would be willing to provide a Life Insurance policy to a known Drug Addict

Can you overdose on penicillan?

yes you can overdose on any drug

Can you overdose on celexa?

You can overdose on practically any drug.

How many people in the US have died of a drug overdose?

about 120,00 people have died from drug overdose

How many teens die from drug overdose?

twelve and a half teens die from drug overdose in a year.

How did Paul from Slipknot die?

He died from a drug overdose; I believe it was morphine. He died from a drug overdose; It was morphine.

How one can identify a drug overdose?

how one can identify overdose

What happens when you overdose on Mescaline?

When you overdose on any drug you die. If you don't die, then you survived an overdose.

What Kennedy brother died from drug overdose?

David Kennedy, a son of RFK, died in 1984 of a drug overdose

Can you overdose on diphenhydramine?

Yes, you can overdose on any drug even vitamins.

Can CPR be used for drug overdose?

If the person shows no signs of life from a drug overdose, yes you would perform CPR.

Will a drug overdose cause death?

Yes, a drug overdose will cause death if medical intervention is not sought in good time.

What drug do most teens overdose on?

The drug most teens get an overdose on is alcohol. Alcohol is the easiest and the least expensive drug to get. Teens could get a fake ID and get it.

What is a Medicare replacement?

medicare replacement- aka as MAPD medicare advantage prescription drug plan. is a policy where private insurance is primary, you usually have a network and copays and drug coverage is included in the policy