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Yes, the father does have to pay child support married or not. As long as you ARE the father.

If the father is ordered to pay child support by the court, then that order stands until the child is emancipated or if the order is modified.

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Q: Does a father have to pay child support if he never marries the child's mother?
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Do a father still have to pay child support if he marries the childs mother?


How can my daughter can get financial support from her father?

A childs mother must file a petition for child support in the local family court.

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Child support is paid until the children are 18.

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If a man and woman marries, have a child together and the mother dies, then the man becomes a widowed father.

What is the law in Texas about paying child support when entering a new marriage?

Nothing changes regarding child support orders whether it is the mother or the father who is remarrying. The child/children are the responsibility of the biological parents not a new spouse. For example if the mother marries someone of substantial means it would not affect the child support amount that was ordered to be paid by the biological father, as the mother's new spouse has no legal obligation to support the child/children.

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