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Yes, the father does have to pay child support married or not. As long as you ARE the father.

If the father is ordered to pay child support by the court, then that order stands until the child is emancipated or if the order is modified.

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A childs mother must file a petition for child support in the local family court.

No, but she can be your half-sister - if your sister marries your father or if your mother gives birth to you with her father (your grandfather).

If a man and woman marries, have a child together and the mother dies, then the man becomes a widowed father.

Oedipus kills his father and marries his mother.

A stepmother is the woman your father marries after your mother. His stepmother packed his lunch for school.

Nothing changes regarding child support orders whether it is the mother or the father who is remarrying. The child/children are the responsibility of the biological parents not a new spouse. For example if the mother marries someone of substantial means it would not affect the child support amount that was ordered to be paid by the biological father, as the mother's new spouse has no legal obligation to support the child/children.

Any mother can go to court in the US to claim child support form the father for a child she is caring for. Babies are not born by spontaneous combustion. The father is as responsible for the child's welfare as is the mother. If the child is living with the father and custody given to the father, the mother is liable for child support, too.

If the divorce ordered the father to pay support, he owes that support until/unless the order is modified.

Antigone's father/brother is Oedipus. (Oedipus marries his mother, Jocasta and Antigone is their child.)

Yes the father would still have to pay child support if he did not have custody of the child and the mother did not work.

The mother must petition for child support.The mother must petition for child support.The mother must petition for child support.The mother must petition for child support.

the mother of the child took the father off child support because she was not satisfied with the child support payments.

Yes, as long as you have custody of the child/children. Just as the mother can choose for the father to PAY child support.

The mother should contact her local Canadian child support agency. They will coordinate with the State in which the father is located.

Yes. The custodial father has a right to child support from the mother depending on their respective economic circumstances. Many mothers pay child support.

A step father has no legal obligation to support a step child.

If the father is on SSI the child is entitled to check too from SSI. If the paternity of the child has been established you are fine. You can contact SSI with the childs birth record, file a child support action and the child will receive his own check. If paternity has not been established hire and attorney or contact you local child support enforcement agency.

A stepmom is the name given to the woman who marries your father after your natural mother has died or divorced from him. The name shows she isn't your birth mother, but is married to your dad.

He indeed marries his mother and has for kids with her. Oedipus was not aware that she was his mother. When they find out that he married his mother, she kills herself and he scratches his own eyes out.

During the first part of Cinderella is living happily with her mother and father. However, her father dies and Cinderella's father marries an evil stepmother.

Absolutely. Child support is designed for the benefit of the child.