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No, because he's not making any money, but as soon as he hits the streets he has to get a job (according to the justice system and the parole board) and keep in touch with his parole officer. Then you should start seeing some of that child support.

How can you keep in touch with his parole officer? Are they actually alowwed to give out any information?

ANSWERYES, he does, i knew some one who got locked up and was on child support, and right now he owes the mother 30000 dollars and 2 years later he just finished paying it, plus he has to continue with it as life as usual

If there was a child support order in place prior to the father's incarceration, then he continues to rack up the debt every month he's there. He should petition the court for a modification of support based on his drastic change of circumstances. That way, he won't emerge owing her $50,000.

But the minute he gets out, she'll run to the court for an upward modification, and we would hope that he will be able to find a job and step up to the plate again.

I would think that they could pay child support from prison. They make money. They have a job. I am doing some research on the topic now so when I find more information I will post it here.

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Q: Does a father have to pay child support while he is in prison?
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What if the father goes to prison does your child support stops?

If the father goes to prison his responsibility for child support does not stop. For all practical purposes, he will have no income and will not be able to pay you one cent. Do not expect to get any money out of him while his is in prison.

Do incarcerated fathers still pay child support even if they are in arrears?

This depends on if the father has an income while he is incarcerated,such as income from a business that the father owns and that is still able to operate without him while he is in prison or if the father is eligible for a work release program from the prison or if the father is eligible for an inmate job in the prison.. If the father is incarcerated and is not eligible for any such programs and has no other means of income then the child support will continue to be added to his unpaid balance and will be waiting for him to begin paying when he is released..

Can you be sued for child support from your X girlfriend while she is receiving child support from the child's father?

Until/unless you are determined to be the child's father, no.

Does the State of MO take over child support while your ex-husband is in prison?

Only if you qualify for Welfare. Child support arrears cannot accrue on someone in prison.

Does the father have any obligations as to the children if while the father is in prison the mother looses custody of the kids to the grandparents?

Both parents are legally responsible for the child until/unless there's an adoption. Support is generally based on a percentage of net income. But, according to Judge David Grey Ross, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, child support obligations cease while interned.

I am in California...If a child gets pregnant while living with her mother does the father have to pay child support for the child's child as well?

Child support for the grandchild is the responsibility of the grandchilds father, not the grandchild. If the father is a minor, you can take his parents to court for support.

Is it possible for fathers to obtain income while in prison and pay child support?

According to Judge David Grey Ross, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, while in prison, there is no specific obligation or accumulation of arrears.

Does a father have to have visitation while paying child support?

No. Custody and child support orders are separate. A father who is paying child support should request a visitation schedule if he wants to spend time with his child. On the other hand, you cannot make a father spend time with his child is doesn't want to.

Does the money you owe child support keep adding up if you are in prison?

Yes, while in prison you are obligated to pay child support and any monies you make in prison can be put towards child support. However, each State is difficult so it is wise to get legal counsel. Here is a good website for prisoners regarding child support enforement. Support.html

Is a father responsible for child support while the divorce is pending?

If a father leaves a child he should always pay, that's a horrid thing to do

What happens if father divorces mother while she lives in nursing home and their child is in custody of mother's disabled father and step mother?

The father will be required to pay child support to the child's guardians if they so request it.The father will be required to pay child support to the child's guardians if they so request it.The father will be required to pay child support to the child's guardians if they so request it.The father will be required to pay child support to the child's guardians if they so request it.

Is it legal for a mother to collect child support while the father is living with her and the child?

It depends on the state. In most states the father would still be required to pay child support, even though he is living with the mother and the child. However, if the father was financially supporting the mother and child, it's likely that the courts would suspend the child support order.

Is there any financial help while in prison - to pay off debt and pay child support?


What application can the Illinois Department of Revenue send me to modify child support while in prison?

Revenue does not modify child support obligations. You need to file a motion/petition in the venue that issued the order for support.

Can you get a paternity test while father is incarcerated?

Yes. It need only be arranged with the Prison Authority. But, you cannot collect child support, nor can he accrue arrears, until he's released, according to Judge David Grey Ross, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement.

Can a child divorce father without permission while he is paying child support?

Divorce is something that happens between spouses, not between parents and children. A child's refusal to see the father does not affect the father's child support obligation.

Does a fatherhave to pay child support while the mother goes on a six week vacation and the father has the child during that period?


Is there a way to not have to pay child support while being in prison on work release?

Go back in time and keep your pants on.

Can you reduce child support that built up while you were in prison?

In most states, child support arrears can only be reduced by court order dating back to the date the petition was made. Your best bet is to hire an attorney to file the proper paperwork whiile you are in prison.

If you are paying child support in PA for a child that is 18 but still in high school and she is pregnant is there any change in child support while she is pregnant or after she has the child?

No, that obligations is to the father of that unborn child. Also, once high school is completed your financial obligation for support ends.

What percentage child support does someone owe while in prison?

Support is based on a percentage of net income; therefore, a prison inmate's obligation is, in effect, zero. However, any court order in effect when the obligor entered prison continues until it is modified.

Can you get child support from the father when you are still married?

No the child support starts after you have divorced him. As long as you are married you share everything so what ever he makes is yours. If you mean while you are married to someone else, yes it can. If you are married to but separated from the child's father, with or without a court order, you can receive child support from him.

Can a mother who was ordered to pay support purposely quits her job to avoid paying support and is awaiting a prison sentence in 5 months have her support amount reduced while incarcerated?

Actually it stops while in prison, according to Judge David Grey Ross, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement.see link

Does a father still have to pay support if a child is 18 and graduates early from high school and will he still have to pay while the child is in college?

It depends entirely on the court order outlining the child support. If the father feels as though support is no longer necessary due to a change in conditions, he can petition the court for a change in the child support orders. You may have to pay for college expenses. Do what is right for your child.

Can an mother from Portugal get child support from portuguese kids?

The parent would get support from the children's father--only while the children are in her custody as minors.