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Check with a lawyer; if the child is over 18 and is no longer attending, then certainly you have a case.


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In Indiana, child support continues until the age of 18, regardless of the child's high school standing.

in Indiana, what is the age in which child support stops?

Yes, provided the separated parent is the father.

Yes, unless the child is still in school or attending college

If you are a father, you have to pay child support if the court says so. The age of the father does not matter.

NADCU has something to do with custodial arrears with regard to Indiana child support.

The father of the unborn child is obligated to pay child support once parentage is established through the voluntary acknowledgement of the male or by an order of the court. The father of the pregnant daughter has no legal obligation to support her child, but does have a legal obligation to support her until she reaches the age of majority for the state in which she resides or the terms of a standing child support order are completed, amended or rescinded.

No, an obligated parent is only responsible for the support of his or her own biological or adopted child. The father of a pregnant minor is not financially responsible for her unborn child. However, the father of the unborn child is responsible for its support, even if he is a minor. The individual circumstances and the laws of the state will determine the extent of his obligations.

Can you get child support inArkansasif their father is incarcerated

I just spoke with Child Support Division and they told me it was 21, no matter if they are in school or not. Does anyone know where this is displayed?

The child is no longer a minor at age 18. However, in Indiana, child support payments are required until the age of 21 or until the child is providing more than 50% of his or her financial support.

Yes, custodial payments are for the support and care of a child until they are 18.

No, that obligations is to the father of that unborn child. Also, once high school is completed your financial obligation for support ends.

No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.

Any father can be sued for child support, and even those who are not the father of the child.

At 18, you are no longer considered a child for child support purposes unless you have not graduated high school or are disabled. If the child is 18 and out of high school, you must contact the Texas AG to stop child support.

As long as his child is a minor then yes, he will have to pay back child support. Take him to court! Remarried or not if the courts deemed him to pay child support he must do so (married or not) until that child is no longer a minor.

If you are the child's father then you really have little legal support to not support your child. Your child is legally entitled to your financial support.

A child does not have to have the same last name as the biological father to receive child support from that father.

well if the mother or the father of the child disobey the ruling of the court and treat the mother or father of the child like a door mat then why he OS she should pay child suppor

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