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A female parakeet can lay an egg without a male, but it will not be fertilized, therefore the egg will not hatch. So, yes, a female parakeet does need a male to "hatch" an egg.

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Q: Does a female parakeet need a male parakeet to hatch an egg?
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Why did your male parakeet kill your female?

It maybe felt territorial and felt a need to protect itself.

Does a female Corn Snake need a male snake for eggs to hatch?


Do you need a male parrot for a female parrot to lay eggs?

No. A female parrot will lay eggs without a male parrot. They will be infertile and won't hatch if there is no male parrot. This is the same for all birds.

Will non fertalized duck eggs hatch?

No you need to have a female and male duck to have baby ducks.

Do female geese need a male to lay eggs?

Not usually, but the eggs will not be fertilized without a male, and will not hatch ~BlackWolf1112

How long does a parakeet need to sit on her eggs in order for then to hatch?


Do you need a male and a female of the same Pokemon to make a egg?

You can do that to make the exact same Pokemon but you can use a male and a female of different Pokemon too. If you do that instead who knows what will hatch out of the egg...

What to feed a juvenile parakeet?

You can feed parakeet food just make sure the food is dry and not wet. Make sure you put water in a cup for a parakeet. And check whether it is a male or female then you will need to give your parakeet a partner that will love each other. And make sure that the parakeet has a warm place to live but not very warm or else the bird will die.

Will duck eggs hatch with no male?

No, the duck eggs need to be fertilized by a male in order to hatch.

Do you need a male and a female toad to have babies?

yes you do because if you only have a female toad itll only have eggs and they don't hatch and if you have m. an f. together the male firtilisers the eggs this may sound discusting but it furtilisis it by peeing on them

If a parakeet is green and yellow is it a girl or a boy?

It doesn't matter what colour it is, but if it's cere (the small part above it's beak) is blue, it means it's male. Also, some budgies with grey feet are male and most budgies with pink feet are female.

Does a female need a male to have babies?

to have a chick yes you need a male and a female but if you want the eggs you have for breakfast no you don't need a male

How do Pokemon have eggs in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You will need a male and female version of the pokemon you want, then put them both in the day care at the same time, for example, a male and female pikachu will give you a baby pichu when the egg hatches. to hatch the egg you will just have to walk with it.

How does a Squirtle know the egg move water spout?

Water Spout is an egg move however you will need to use Octillery in order to get Water Spout to be bred over to Squirtle so you can use a female Octillery as well as a male Wailmer or Wailord that knows Water Spout at which point you'll give it to the Daycare and then you will need to hatch a male Remoraid that knows Water Spout and then the male Remoraid that knows Water Spout will need to be placed into the Daycare with a female Squirtle, Wartortle or Blastoise so that you will get an egg that will hatch into a Squirtle that knows Water Spout.

Do you need a female ilex to get berries on the male?

No, You need a male holly to get berries on a female plant.

How do you breed a male Abra with Thunderpunch?

Well first you need a female Abra and then you need a male Hitmonchan, Electabuzz/Electivire, Medicham or Magmortar that knows Thunderpunch then you just breed them, a Pokémon Egg will come out that will hatch into an Abra that knows Thunderpunch.

Do female ducks need a male to lay eggs?

No. Female ducks only need male ducks to fertilize the eggs. If no male is present the female will lay eggs that you can eat.

What temperature does a parakeet egg need to be to hatch?

The same as all other bird eggs - 37.5C, give or take a quarter degree or so.

Can you find a shiny Pichu in emerald?

You can't find one but you can try to hatch one (which is extremely difficult but possible). All you need is a slugma or macargo to make eggs hatch faster (not required but highly recommended), a male pikachu and a female pikachu or ditto with any pikachu, and if you want, give your female pikachu a light ball (obtained by catching a pikachu in the safari, which has a 5% chance of having one) and breed it with a male pikachu to make the pichu's you hatch have volt tackle.

What do need for parakeet nest?

You will most likely need a box or some sort of shelter with a lid for the female will prefer the darkness.

You can only tell if your parakeet is male or female when they are adult?

Well you can guess when there a baby but its harder to tell when there young.The cere changes colors when its a baby.But if you really need to know fast I think you can take it into a avian vet and they can check.

Do you need a male and female marijuana seed to grow bud?

No, you just need a fertile seed. There are no male or female seeds. Some plants have male and female flowers, but the seeds are seeds.

Do female emus have to have a male to lay eggs?

Female emus do not need a male to lay eggs, but they do need a male in order to produce fertile eggs.

Do you need a male apple snail to hatch an egg?

no you need a turtle.....a BIG turtle

Does a female guppy need a male to breed?

Yes, you must have a male and female to breed.