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Does a fern have flowers?

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No they o not because they release pollen but in that pollen is the seed to make more fern so no flowers here

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The bird's nest fern do not have any flowers.

no.It does not have flowers.

grass and fern do not produce flowers

Ferns do not have flowers as they reproduce by spores.

No, fern is a noun. It is a type of vascular plant that reproduces by spores, rather than flowers and seeds.

Fern is a type of group of plants having no seeds. This is a sentence containing the word fern.

No. Butterflies are attracted to nectar producing flowers, and sugar.

Yes it does Ferns do not flower they produce spores.

No, Potatoes are unrelated to ferns. Ferns do not bear flowers, Potatoes do.

Azolla is a fern plant. Azalea and Aster are flowers.

No it is not a flowering plant because all ferns have no flowers

The fronds of the fern are its leaves. Spores are found on the underside of the leaves. Instead of having flowers and seeds, ferns reproduce by means of the spores on its fronds.

Yes.Ferns do not have either seeds or flowers (they reproduce via spores).

Yes, all ferns are seedless vascular plants and do not have flowers.

This could be several different types of plants, but the most common would be a fern.

No. Ferns do not bear fruits because it does not bear flowers. P.S please forgive me if my answer is wrong

Ferns reproduce through spores. They form on the under sides of the leaves or fronds. There are no flowers. When the spores are fully formed they fall from the fern are dispersed by wind, animals, or grow where they fall.

Both roses and ferns are used as ornamental plants. Rose cut flowers and fern leaves are used in decoration. Rose is an angiosperm and ferns are pteridophytes.

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a. algae b. fern allies c. ferns d. angiosperms e. gymnosperms Answer= d. angiosperms

All ferns are vascular seedless plants, so no flowers.