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Well, if they cannot expel it they can die and it can create a blockage. Some fish have gag reflex and may up chuck it automatically. Dont worry there's more fish in the sea. Haha Bio-degradible soft baits will breakdown when exposed to water. A fish will digest a bait of this kind.

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How do you fish cheese?

you put it on a fishing hook

What hooks the fish?

There are two main types of hook - the J hook and the circle hook. J hooks are used by directly driving the hook through the bait and into the fish with a strong upward tug. The hook can end up anywhere from the stomach of the fish to the jaw or be snagged on the exterior of the fish. Circle hooks are swallowed by the fish and are set by winding the line tight. The shape of the hook causes the point to swing around the jaw. Typically, 95% of the hook sets are in the fish's jaw. This allows the fish to be released relatively unharmed. Circle hooks are used very successfully in deep water fishing.

What is a baited hook?

It is a fishing hook with something to catch marine life attached to it, such as fish or worms.

Is hook and line fishing self regulating in that people stop fishing when no fish are biting?


What are the alternative ways of dynamite fishing?

Fishing with a line and hook; fishing with nets; eating things other than fish.

How do you put a fishing hook on a fishing line?

There are multiple ways to tie a fish hook to your line. here is a very informative site with some fishing knot video's in which you can use to tie your hook to your line.www.southernohiopaylakes.proboards.comHope this helps

What is angler fishing?

Angler Fishing is when you tie a hook to line and put some bait on the hook and then dip in a body of water hoping that a fish will take the bait

How does a fish eat a frog?

it uses its tong like a fishing hook and sticks to them

What part of a hook hooks a fish?

The hook point penetrates the mouth of the fish, the barb prevents the tip of the hook from coming back out and the bend of the hook helps hold the fish onto the hook.Some people will flatten the barb on a hook with a pair of pliers to make the hook easier to remove and to reduce the harm experienced by the fish.The sharp part of the hook, which is called the point, hooks the fish and the barb keeps the fish on the hook.the barb

Is fishing the same as casting?

No really. Fishing is the activity of catching fish. Casting describes how you get your hook or lure into the water. Casting is a key element in fishing.

What are some alternative ways to catch fish?

net /fishing pole/ spear/fly fishing/ bow fishing/line fishing/catch them in your hands/hook/drag lines.

Difference between spear fishing and fishing?

Spear fishing is done with a spear & regular is done with a rod/reel w/ fishing line & you catch the fish on a hook with bait.

What fishing hook has a handle?

A Gaff, used for hooking large fish and dragging them into the boat.

What does a gold fishing pole do in animal crossing GC?

Well for one thing it looks better and seconed it keeps fish on the hook a liitle longer than the normal fishing hook.

In Club Penguin how do you get the big grey fish in ice fishing?

you have to buy the fishing pole if u want to get gray fish but at the end when u see it coming leave a fish on your hook so it can eat it

What basic fishing tackle does one need to fish for bass?

The basic fishing tackle necessary to fish for bass includes: a fishing rod of any type, a spool of tracer with the correct strength, a hook, and a lure or bait.

What is the phrase 'Hook line and what'?

This is a fishing term - the image is of the fish swallowing the hook, the line, and the sinker that keeps the bait underwater.

What is bait when you go fishing?

Something you put on the hook to bring in the fish. (night crawlers, minnows....)

What is a fishing catapult and what does it do?

Its an elastic sling used for hurling bait into the water to attract fish toward your baited hook on the end of your fishing line.

How do you earn lots of money on club penguin?

by playing this fishing game and saving a fish at the end on your hook to catch the big fish.

You put bait on the fishing hook?

yes, you do put bait on a fishing hook.

What does hook line and sinker mean?

This is a shortened form of a quotation: "He swallowed it hook, line and sinker" meaning that someone "took the bait" and believed in a falsehood. If a fish swallows the hook, the line, and the lead sinker, it's swallowed everything, so you say this about someone who has been gullible and fell for a prank or joke.

Are barbed fishing hooks better than normal?

Barbed hooks help keep the fish on the hook better than a barbless hook. If you are practicing catch and release it is recommended that you use a barbless hook to allow for easy hook removal and to prevent injury to the fish.

If a fish breaks a fishing line will the hook stay in the fishs mouth?

Depends, If the hook goes down the throat into the belly the fish is as good as dead. If the hook is in the hard tissues around the opening of the mouth there is a very good chance he will shake it free.

What isused to catch fish that starts with ba?

Bait is used to catch fish. The bait can consist of insects, night crawlers or smaller fish on the end of a fishing hook.

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