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What is the significance of a five leaf clover?

There is no historical meaning behind the five leaf clover, only four leaf clover

Is a five-leaf clover rarer than a four-leaf clover?

A five leaf clover is more rare

Is a five leaf clover rarer than a four leaf clover?


Is a five leafed clover have a value?

luckier than four leaf clover.

What does a five leaf clover represents?

Good Luck

Three leaf clover lucky?

Three clover leaf are common to be found so in my opinion it not lucky.

What does it mean to find a five leaf clover?

It means you will have extremely GOOD luck! I found one and I got really lucky! In actual fact, the saying is related to a four leaf clover (not five). Clover normally has three leaves, so to find a four leaf clover is extremely rare. See related link

What does a 6 leaf clover mean?

A 6-leaf clover means to some that you are luckier than if you had a 4-leaf clover. The 6-leaf clover, in actuality, is a rare leaf mutation.

Is a two leaf clover lucky?

No but a four leaf clover is! Its like you can get a 3 leaf clover and take off a leaf thing n get a two leaf clover but a four leaf clover u can't attached are take away a leaf thing!

Is a 5 leaf clover real?

Not many people think it's true, but yes, a five leaf clover is real. I know this because I've found one.

Why is a four leaf clover called a four leaf clover?

A four leaf clover is called a four leaf clover because it is a clover with four leaves. The reason for its name is quite literal. =)

Where can you find a five leaf clover?

The clover with the most leaves recorded is 56 so the chance of 1 person finding one is very very slim. You can still find them. Maybe one five leaf clover in every 100,000 three leaf clovers. I found one in a huge patch of three leaf clovers. Look for five leaf clovers kind of like how we look for our Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy.

What does a three leaf clover represent?

The three clover leaf represent in my opinion it like common.

How common are five leaf clovers?

It is estimated that there is one four leaf clover per 10000 three leaf clovers. I would estimate that the multiplier is similar for a 5 leaf clover meaning that it is 1 in every 100 million clovers

Is a five leaf clover lucky?

Yes, they are lucky because they are rare. Even rarer than 4-leaf clovers.

How much are five leaf clovers worth?

Nothing. If you find someone offering you any money, take it...

How rare is a five leaf clover?

very very rare..... like one in a million...

What is a five letter word with the third letter is an a related to four leaf clover?


What does a 5 leaf clover mean?

luckier than a four leaf clover.

Can you laminate a four leaf clover?

Yes you can laminate a four leaf clover.

What is the difference between a 3 leaf clover and a 3 leaf clover?


How does a 3 leaf clover survive?

by blending with other 3 leaf clover

When was No Leaf Clover created?

No Leaf Clover was created on 2000-03-20.

Does a three leaf clover have rotational symmetry?

The three leaf clover do have rotational symmetry.

Is st Patrick's day a three leaf clover or four leaf clover?

The four leaf clover is considered a symbol of good luck by Irish people