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Does a football goal keeper have to wear gloves?


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There is only one extra requirement for a goal keeper's equipment. One player must be the designated goal keeper and they must wear a different color than either team or the opposing goal keeper. There are no requirements in the laws for gloves or long sleeves.


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No. Only the 'keeper is alllowed to wear gloves regardless of what number of gloves he is wearing.

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Helmet, neck protector, body armour, leg guards, kickers, gloves, elbow/ knee protectors

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One player must be named as goal keeper. That individual must wear a shirt to distinguish him from his team mates and the opponents.The goal keeper, however, may play anywhere on the field they wish.

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No! very rarely... I believe it commenced as cricket players, where only the keeper or the batsmen wear gloves. A few may wear them on very cold nights, but otherwise, they are rarely worn; they would detract from ball-grip, which is absolutely crucial in the Australian football game.

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