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She may just be giving you an apologetic smile and because you like her you could have read more into this situation than is really there, just because you want it to be there. Why not just ask her very casually if you can take her out for a drink sometime and try and not over react when she says yes or no. Just be pleased but cool about it so you don't scare her off. Good Luck!

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Does a girl like you if you make eye contact for 5 seconds and then she smiles and you smile back?

Yes a girl like you when the make eye contact with you and then smiles.

How could you tell a girl like you?

She looks at you and she smiles.

What do guys think when a girl smiles at them?

Well, when a girl smiles at a guy, they may think that there cute or they like them. It could just be the obvious sometimes.

What does it mean if a girl stares at me and smiles does she like me?

If a girl smiles at you it could mean that she likes you. It could also mean that she is just been friendly.

When a girl smiles at a guy what does that mean?

she may like u

Does a girl like you if she asks you to the school dance and always smiles when your around?

No she hates your guts, she cant stand you. This is why she smiles.

Does a girl like you if she smiles at you?

Possibly, the only way to find out is to talk to her.

What does it mean if a girl blushes and smiles with you at the same time?

Because They Like You

If you say hi to a girl and she smiles to you does this mean she likes you?

maybe ima girl and if i do that she might think you like her

How do you feel when a girl you like smiles at you?

Well im a girl and when I smile at boys that I like I hope that they smile back. Or even wave.

Does a boy like when a girl has a nice smile and smiles a lot?

Most likely

How do you to know if a girl likes you?

if you like her and if she smiles at you when for no reason that probably means she likes you

Does a girl like you if she hits on you gently when you pass each other and smiles at you after she hits on you?

Well, it at least means she likes you and that's a start. Start talking to her and see if you can't become friends and go from there. Good luck Marcy

What does it mean when you tell a girl that you like her and she smiles and say thank you?

She thinks you like her and she wants to know you better.

How you know a girl does not like you?

See if she smiles a lot at you for no reason or just ask her lol

How do you look at a girl if you like her?

in u are daring a wink and if you are not lots of smiles and sqinty eyes

When you kiss a girl on the cheek and she smiles does she like you?

Possibly, or she might just be putting on a show.

If a boy is a jerk but smiles at you does he like you?

Girl you know he likes you!! boys are jerks when they like you but, when they smile you know for sure.

How do you know if a pretty girl you like likes you too?

If she smiles at you a lot If she shows off If she touches you

What if a girl says she doesn't like you but smiles and laughs with you all the time?

she juss wants to be friends

What does it mean when a guy smiles at a girl when she isn't looking?

It means they like them but are to shy to say anything

Does the girl you like like you?

Signs of a girl liking you 1. She listens to you 2. She looks you in the eye 3. She smiles 4. She 'accidentally' touches you 5. She approvhed you

What are the different types of smiles a guy cna give a girl that can mean that they like her or not?

Men smile like women smile. There is no special smiles, but if the man is making eye contact and has a smile he may be interested.

What does it mean when a girl hits you?

Well I know this is really weird but sometime girl do that because they don't know what else to do! Cause she may like you and get scared! (I should know! he he he!) So yeah! If she acts like really angry like not at all funny than that just means she's pissed! But if she hits you and she like smiles while like yelling "Stop it" or something like that than yes that could mean that she likes you!

What does it mean when a guy you like tells you he doesnt feel the same way yet he checks the girl out and smiles at her?

He could really like the girl, and just be denying it, or is just a player and really doesnt like the girl.