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I certainly do think so! Good for you. Looks like both of you are going to have some fun days and weeks ahead. So happy for you both. Marcy This is a no brainer. The answer is YES. You are answering your own question with your question..

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โˆ™ 2006-03-02 09:59:27
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Q: Does a girl like you if she invited you to go to see a movie with her and you had very romantic time with her?
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What is the best kind of movie to take a girl to on a date?

Most girls like to watch comedy or romantic movies on a date.

What is the most romantic way to get a girl to like you?

To take her out on a romantic dinner with just the two of you.

Why do girls like girl and boys like boys?

Sexual or romantic attraction.

How do you ask a girl to go to her party?

U dont ,u wait to be invited and if your not invited then u know she dont like u

Does Justin Bieber like a girl that is romantic?

Yes he is very Romantic well that's my opinion cause he is hot

What should you do if you are 12 and the girl you like is 12 and she likes you?

Go for it. I am 12 too, and if you both like each other, go out with her. Nothing fancy, like dinner and a movie, but just take her to a park, or for a walk. Be sort of romantic, but not so romantic that it is creepy. When you ask her out, give her candy.

How do you impress a girl that you like?

taking about romantic stories about his life and what are his interest

How do you tell this girl that you like her in a romantic way But if you could just do it by text because you are on vacation?

You could tell a girl that you like her in a romantic way using only a text because you are on vacation by texting a poem. There are many romantic poems that would even be fun to receive by text.

If I want to go out with this girl but she can drive and i can't where do we go?

Tell her to drive to a romantic spot in town.Maybe take to to watch the sunset or a drivein movie all girls like that.

Which kind of movie is best to watch on a first date?

I think it depends who it is I like romantic comedys but everyones different, I would ask your girl or guy and see what they want.

Whats a romantic way to ask a girl to go out with you?

Romantic ways are many to ask a girl out with you. You just have to show a bit of style and eagerness. Give her a flower may be to show that you like her.

Do you spell invited like that?

Yes you spell Invited like that.

What type of genre is Dear John?

It's like a Romantic, Drama, War movie .

A Romantic anime WITH kissing?

that is ALOT. but I like Peach Girl (cliche) and RomeoXJuliet (too adventurous!) :))

Does Ash like Iris?

It's not confirmed that Ash likes any girl in a romantic way.

How do you be romantic to a teenage girl?

Well, first off, every girl loves a nice compliment. Either say how beautiful she looks or something cheesy like how her eyes gleam brighter than the moon. Girls dig that stuff. And if they don't seem like they like it, trust me they really do. Second, if your taking her on a date, opt for something romantic like a dinner on the beach under the stars. Girls dream of a date out of a movie so the cheesy romantic stuff is definitely the way to go. Follow these steps and you'll have her drooling over you in no time.

If a girl ask why you like her?

if a girl ask you why you like her the best thing to say is why you do like her try and give it a little romantic twist if not already and it may lead to a good day for the two of you.

How do you talk dirty in bed?

if your a guy then take control and do whatever you like she wants you to. If your a girl then make him invited into your pussy!

What movie should you buy?

It depends on your intrests you wouldn't want to get a romantic movies if you do't like them.

Why would a girl ask you who do you like?

Well I'm a girl...if you were a boy and I was asking you this question it will probably because I fancy you and I wanna see who you like so you should answer with something romantic.

If you love a girl what to do?

Tell her. Tell her with words if you can, or with something like a song or a romantic meal if you can't say it.

Does making a wooden ring for the girl you like sound romantic?

Yeah, I think that's really cute! :)

Does the boy ask the girl out?

Yes, make it romantic!! Say how much you like or love her and say how pretty she is :)

How can you make a Asian girl like you?

You can buy them chinese, they'll really enjoy that and it will make you seem romantic

How do you get a girl to like a boy?

Be yourself! Not many girls like it when you act dishonestly and when you pretend to be someone else. Ask her out on a romantic date.