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She's done everything but tell you straight out right to your face.

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What is a simple way to tell if a boy likes you?

If he looks at you, talks to you, laughs at your jokes, or smiles at you

If a girl looks at you does it mean she likes you?

Just because she looks at you doesn't mean she likes you. It depends on whether she talks, smiles, laughs or flirts. All girls are different.

Dose she like you because she talks to you and laughs at everything you say?

Well it depends on how she acts when she laughs and talks to you. if she touches you're arm and giggles and tells you your really funny when the joke you just told was like WAY lame then that is probibly a sure sign. but you do have to consider the posibility that she only likes you as a friend...

How should you know if a girl that is 13y old likes you and I am 15?

thata kinda a big age difference for a girl so young. but if she looks at you a lot, talks to you a lot, makes jokes around you, laughs at everything you say, smiles when you walk by, and talks to your friends about you. she might not show any of these signs if she doesnt want you to know she likes her but jees its hard to tell sometimes. i hope i helped. write on my message board to tell me how it goes!! xoxo erin:)

If a girl smiles at you and plays with her hair when she looks and talks to you and laughs at your jokes and talks to you a lot does she like you?

Next time you are with her, notice if her legs and knees are pointed toward you. That is a major attraction hint. From the sound of what you are telling, chances are better than not that she does.

What is the name of the family guy character who talks fast and laughs he is very hard to understand then laughs heeheeheehee?

his name is fouad

How do you tell if he is in love with me?

if he laughs at yr jokes and talks to u alot

If a guy stares at you a lot talks to you a lot touches you're hand sometimes takes things from you when you're holding it such as a pencil or laughs at your jokes does it mean that he likes you?


There are 2 guysOne looks at me from time to time but rarely talks to meThe other one talks to me sometimes and seems to look at me a lotWhich one likes me?

You really can't determine which guy likes you from who looks at you and who talks to you. Maybe they both like you. If you really want to know, ask them.

How do you know that a boy likes you?

You know that a boy likes you when he looks at you a lot. When he smiles at you or laughs at your jokes. Most of all when you talk to him he talks right back and when he lists all his friends you are on the list.

What are some signs he still likes you even thought he has a girlfriend and he looks at you with that look when you like someone?

Ok these are some signs: 1.when he laughs at you but in a good way. 2.when he walks he looks at you 3.when he talks to you a lil bit good luck

What does Santa look like in Japan?

He looks japenese and he talks to all the children to give them presents but sometimes they get what they want.

What runs but not walks laughs but doesn't talks has a bed but doesn't sleep?

a river

How to tell if a 11 year old girl flirts with you?

she laughs and looks down alot. but giggles at almost everything you say. or when U and her are around alot of people and your sitting by your side she'll probably be looking at you every once in a while or when your just sitting talking to say 1 person she comes and talks to you

When was Alex Harvey Talks About Everything created?

Alex Harvey Talks About Everything was created in 1974.

What does that mean if the outgoing guy you like talks to you but sometimes doesn't and only looks at you like he wants to talk to you?

He only wants to be friends. He's a nice guy so he talks to you, but he isn't in love with you

How abt you in love tha person and you not sur he love you to How you know?

By the way he looks at the way he talks to the way he says ur everything he does

Can a boy still like you if he says he looks at you if he thinks i am a freak and he never talks to you and if he is shy and he never talks about you but he looks at you a lot?

he could.

How do you tel if a girl has a crush on you?

It depends how the girl acts. If she winks, laughs a lot, blushes, twirls her hair, leads you on, looks at you a lot, looks down at her shoes when she talks to you face to face or gazes directly in your eyes (depending how shy she is) or hangs out with you more than her friends; she usually likes you.

If a boy looks at you every day and talks to you one day then doesn't the next day what does that mean?

He's playing hard to get. Sometimes guys do that when they like you.

How can you tell a boy likes you but he doesn't talk to you?

he Gives you looks and smiles at you . Talks about you to other friends. he Gives you looks and smiles at you . Talks about you to other friends.

There is this guy and im not sure if he likes me he says he hates you but always talks to me but not mean he looks you in the eyes whenever he talks to you and sometimes you catch him looking at you?

OMG! That's like the same situation I'm in! Stupid guys! I have know idea!

How do you know if she still cares?

when she still looks at you with a sort of sad look in her eyes. or still kinda talks to you. basically everything she used to do, but in much smaller per-portions.

What signs does a guy give you if he likes you?

He looks at you and talks to you.

How can you tell if your guy crush likes you?

He looks at you, touches you, or talks to you or about you.