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No something has to be inserted to do so.


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NO. The uterus expand for nine months but the vagina doesn't change until delivery

Your hips expand, and eventually your vagina will burst.

=That would probably be the cervix, or your talking about the vagina itself which kinda looks like a fleshy tube. the cervix is a smaller tube like structure at the top of the vagina and is the conduit to the uterus.=

It is important to note that the tightness of a vagina is not a static states. It is designed to expand and contract.

Tightness of the vagina is not a static state. It is designed to expand and contract when need arises.

a girls cherry is her vagina

No. You can shave your vagina after licking a girls pimple, though.

Girls do not have a penis, they have a vagina.

You can't do anything with a girls vagina unless you are the girl who owns the vagina! When it comes to women's vagina's you can do whatever the woman allows you to do, and nothing more.

Girls love it when you rub their vagina, but make sure they are comfortable with you doing it first.

the Vagina (nuclear bomb) will expand

Girls never develop hair on their vagina - the vagina is the internal part of the girls genitals. Girls develop hair on the outside of their vulva and mons pubis as they enter puberty at around 10 years old.

the vagina itself stretches sooo... just put it in =]

Some girls do, this is a personal preference. However, they shave the skin near it, which is called the vulva, not the vagina itself. The vagina is internal while the vulva is external. Lots of people confuse the vagina with the vulva area. __________________________________________________________________ Per Islam teachings, it is not allowed to touch any part of the girl sexual parts. It is required; for both girls and men; to shave the hair surrounding it as a cleaning process.

Finger up the vagina/Rubbing of aforementioned vagina.

A female's vagina is usually of equal length to her hand.

Because hair protects the vagina

No The vagina adjusts usually itself to the size of the penis.

The vagina itself has no bones. The nearest bone to the vagina is the pelvic bone.

Yes, they do have hair arounds their vagina like boys do.

So there is no bacteria from the anus getting in the vagina.

For girls, it's your vagina

YES, every single girl I know who has had their vagina licked, love it. Some even say its better then sex. But it depends how good the person is who is licking the girls vagina.

Boys have a Penis. Girls have a Vagina and Boobs.

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