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No something has to be inserted to do so.

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Q: Does a girls vagina expand by itself?
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Does the vagina expand in the first few months of pregnancy?

NO. The uterus expand for nine months but the vagina doesn't change until delivery

What does girls have?


What are symptoms of a condom being stuck in your vagina?

Your hips expand, and eventually your vagina will burst.

What is a nother word for a girls vagina?

Vagina! =P

Is it normal for your vagina to expand in your third trimester?


Where is a girls cherry?

a girls cherry is her vagina

What can you do with a girls vagina?

You can't do anything with a girls vagina unless you are the girl who owns the vagina! When it comes to women's vagina's you can do whatever the woman allows you to do, and nothing more.

What is the tube like thing in a girls vagina?

=That would probably be the cervix, or your talking about the vagina itself which kinda looks like a fleshy tube. the cervix is a smaller tube like structure at the top of the vagina and is the conduit to the uterus.=

How can i tight my vagina?

It is important to note that the tightness of a vagina is not a static states. It is designed to expand and contract.

How can i tight my vagina-?

Tightness of the vagina is not a static state. It is designed to expand and contract when need arises.

Do vagina's have bones?

The vagina itself has no bones. The nearest bone to the vagina is the pelvic bone.

What is a girls clit?

A girls clitoris is above the vagina.

What are girls penises called?

Girls do not have a penis, they have a vagina.

Can you get pimples after licking a girls vagina after she just shaved?

No. You can shave your vagina after licking a girls pimple, though.

What is the impact of the nuclear bomb?

the Vagina (nuclear bomb) will expand

What hole do you put your fingers in a girls vagina?

the vagina....the bigger one.

Do girls like it when you rub their vagina?

Girls love it when you rub their vagina, but make sure they are comfortable with you doing it first.

Is my friend cheetin on me or is it just that i saw him touchin anuthir girls vagina?

If he touched another girls vagina... he is cheating.

How does a man squeeze his penis into the vagina?

The vagina can expand a lot, it also produces a natural lubricant that eases intercoarse

Do girls bleed from there vagina?

Yes they do

What are girls willy called?


Can you pee in a girls vagina?

its possible...

Do girls like vagina?


What is under girls skirt?

A vagina

Do girls have hair on their vagina?