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No, if you really look at them, most of them are really orange, its hard to get a real gold fish.

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โˆ™ 2009-02-09 20:34:09
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Q: Does a goldfish have to be gold?
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What does it mean when a goldfish is silver?

Nothing. A goldfish is a goldfish, not a gold fish.

Why are goldfish called goldfish?

They are called goldfish because they are gold and there fish.

Why are goldfish called goldfish when they aren't gold?

Sometimes they are gold.=Look at the pet shop.=

What is some facts about goldfish?

goldfish are gold sometimes

What is a good name for a gold goldfish?

Goldie the golden goldfish.

Are goldfish really gold?

i would say that they are more of a shiny orange than a gold. But some goldfish can be more yellow/gold.

What do you feed your goldfish?

Well, I feed my gold fish goldfish crisps.

Why is your goldfish white?

There are many different colors/patterns for goldfish. Some are red, gold, silver, and white. But, if a gold goldfish is kept in a dark room, its color will become white.

What is a goldfish that is white all over and barely gold spots?

Not a goldfish anymore.

Do goldfish eat goldfish eggs?

no because the gold fish have to protect the eggs

What coulor is a goldfish?

gold and orange!

What is a compound word for gold?


Why are goldfish called goldfish when they are not actually goldfish?

There ancestors are gold... different colored traits over time dominated the classic gold color, while in some breeds, the gold color will dominate during the trait selecting process

Meaning of goldfish?

The scientific name for a goldfish is Carassius auratus. Carassius means 'carp like' ; Auratus means 'overlaid with gold'. A goldfish is a carp like fish overlaid with gold.

Where gold fish you from?

Goldfish were developed in China.

What is the most common color of a goldfish?


Are goldfish that are really gold rare?


What is the difference between male female goldfish?

Well a female goldfish can be a little fatter in the stomach especially if pregnant and is a little more yellow-gold then orange-gold. The male goldfish is a little more silver then yellow orange or gold. Hope I helped

Why are some goldfish not gold?

some goldfishes aren't gold because they don't want to be gold!!!!

Do gold telescopes fish eat goldfish?

yes it eat gold fish

Why goldfish is called goldfish?

It's scales look very shiny in the water and it looks like gold doesn't it? The gold fish is called a Gold fish is because the color of it's scales

Do goldfish help you feel calm?

get a goldfish and test it out i have a gold fish it dosent really make a difference

Are goldfish always gold?

Goldfish come in a variety of colors. Common goldfish can be orange, red, white, and black and yellow. Some species of goldfish come in brightly colored patterns.

Do goldfish have skin?

gold fish have fish scales.

How goldfish got its name?

Because of its gold color!